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    Default First Couples Trip November 2013 + a Couples Wedding!

    Hi all!

    My parents, John and Jackie, have visited Couples CTI numerous times since I was a kid. They always told me that when I was older and could afford it, I should really go because I'd love it. Finally I'm 31 and engaged, and my fiancé and I will be at CTI next month to tie the knot, courtesy of my parents! We will actually be coming alone--we're kind of introverted, so no guests or family at the wedding.

    We are big time foodies and my fiancé is a home-brewer, so he's super into craft beers (but will drink High Life if the occasion calls for it). We like sightseeing, but I am pretty clumsy and probably won't be into hiking or anything remotely dangerous. We aren't really Naked Island people...ha!

    If any of you have recommendations for first-timers or for CTI weddings, I'd love to hear them. And if you'll be around between November 9-16, I'd love to meet you for a Red Stripe!


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    Alison, congratulations on your wedding! My husband and I will be at CTI for the first time from the 9-16 as well! We are beyond excited as we will be there celebrating our 10th anniversary! Looking forward to meeting you!

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    Never say 'never' on the naked island thing! If you do decide to try it out then don't leave it till the last day!

    In any event you will have an amazing time so just let sand gravity take hold and enjoy being pampered!

    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

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    We will be there for the first time November 4-11, so we may see both of you! We were married in May and are taking a late honeymoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalenanddennis View Post
    Alison, congratulations on your wedding! My husband and I will be at CTI for the first time from the 9-16 as well! We are beyond excited as we will be there celebrating our 10th anniversary! Looking forward to meeting you!
    Yay! Can't wait!!

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    More sight seeing things in Ocho Rio's than Negril so your on the right side. I have never been as I would not pick Jamaica for sight seeing.

    I doubt you going to have much in terms of craft beers but keep an open mind that there are lots of new things to try and since back home he makes his own brew, and no doubt has plenty of access to many craft beers, then he won't miss it too much for the week!

    I think the all inclusive concept will allow you to find your own pace and do things, or not as you desire.

    Trying a scuba course if you never have done it. Snorkel also!! Do things you have never done before. Smoke a doob while parasailing! You'll never come down!!! (Please don't try this cuz I said to!!!) Try new drinks, try new foods.....and if you don't like it, then try something else!!! Go take your suite off for 10 minutes and join the nudies. Maybe you like it, maybe not!!! Its not my thing but I tried years ago and it was fun, and I actually enjoyed it a bit. Do a Zip line, do an easy hike early in the morning! Jump off a cliff into the ocean! Do it once!
    Try the sauces, try something "hot" may like it!

    Since your not at Hedonism then you've drawn a line!
    My advice? Anything is possible and what better way to start your life together than starting a new adventure!

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    Ehhh I didn't say "never", but...everyone's eyes are probably better off without the sight of my entire body. ;-) Thank you for your well wishes!

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    Yeah I don't know if we'll go sightseeing much beyond the resort, so I'm okay with that. We are way into trying new foods and drinks, ESPECIALLY with the all-inclusive deal! We have never stayed anywhere like this before, so that will be so luxurious!

    Thank you for your suggestions! I love them all!!

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    That's awesome! Hope to meet you!

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    We were to CTI in February 2012 and have another trip booked for February 2013. Only 116 more days to go!

    First. Keep an open mind. I would still try the island. Sometimes it is exciting to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Don't worry. It is all couples out there. Nobody will be looking. If it gets too difficult, you can always simply put your cloths back on and leave. When we went out there we found a spot without many people.

    The main beach is nice. There are some areas that can get rocky. The water gets deep quickly. It may be a good idea to bring some aqua shoes. Or you can always buy some in the gift shop.

    Dunn's River Falls is included. An experience of a lifetime. Not as difficult as it looks. The only bad thing I can say about Dunn's River Falls is that you pass through a gauntlet of vendors as you leave. Just walk quickly and keep saying no.

    If you are willing to spend some extra money, there is Dolphin Cove right across the road from Dunn's River Falls. Besides watching my son being born, this was one of the coolest things I ever did in my life. Think of a Sea World Dolphin Show with you being in it. There are lots of other attractions like swimming with Stingrays and swimming feeding Sharks. We didn't do the shark thing.

    Snorkeling is a lot of fun. They have at least 1 snorkeling trip daily. The resort can provide the snorkeling equipment or you can bring your own. You must sign up ahead of time. Look for the shack near the pier. We go snorkeling every chance we get. We usually bring one or two waterproof disposable cameras.

    You don't need to pack a lot of clothes. You spend most of your time in a swimsuit. You will need to dress up a little for the Eight Rivers and the Bayside Restaurants. Dress pants, a shirt with a collar, and closed toe shoes for men. Blouse and slacks or a dress for a woman. Be sure to take the time to make your reservations for these restaurants as soon as you check in. The other restaurants are more casual. You can wear your swimsuit with a cover up for breakfast or lunch. Shorts and a shirt for dinner. It never gets cool enough to need anything else.

    Keep an open mind when you are at the restaurants or ordering drinks at the bar. The food is amazing. So is the drink selection. I put on some weight every time I go to a Couples Resort because the food and drinks are amazing.

    Plan a night in the Piano Bar. While you are there, look at the pictures on the wall. Pretty cool to see some of the old time celebrities who used to frequent this resort. The Piano Bar will stay open until the last person leaves.

    At the entrance to the Patio Restaurant there will be a bulletin board with everything that is happening that day. Be sure to check it out a couple of times a day as things can change.

    One last thing about any of the Couples Resorts. If you go there once, chances are you will go there again. Much of our spare money goes into a vacation fund so that we can keep going back to the Couples Resorts.

    Enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful life together.

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    Having known your parents for so many years, we can't wait to meet you. We get in on the 14. We'll be sure and find you.

    Richie & Syl

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