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    Default Oh no, not another CSA review!

    Yeah, but it's all good, mon.

    Suzi and I just returned from her fifth, my twentieth stay at CSA and we both agree it just keeps getting better.

    The most noticeable change is the food. Except for pork, that they'll never figure out and I've come to accept it, the overall quality has taken a quantum leap forward. I had some of the best leg of lamb I've eaten (almost as good as my own, he says, with a pat on the back) and the new jerk sauce is almost as hot as you get at any jerk shack on the island. Even something as simple as the lamb kabobs at Lemongrass were so much tastier and less greasy than I remember. A round of applause for the Executive Chef and his staff. Oh, adding ackee and saltfish to the Beach Party menu was brilliant!

    The beach is the beach. Yet, we've seen it get totaled, i.e. Hurricane Sandy last October. But it's still one of the best beaches in the world. And this trip, the beach and bar service were impeccable. Blessfully, the bartenders still remember how to make a Jamaican Browning, even though it's absent from the drink menu. Snorkeling, pardon me, snarkeling was good on two trips out and rough on one with some choppy waves. Thank you, Oliver for getting me first out and last into the boat each time; I really need that exercise with all the great food.

    We always request a 2nd-floor Atrium Suite with a hammock. Thank you, Couples for again providing one in a wonderful location. We're up early, so the construction racket wasn't a problem and I'm sure in a week or two, it will come to an end. Here's a suggestion for Housekeeping: last item on the list, as you're prepping the room for the next couple, there should be a thorough spraying for ants. Until they do this, call upon checking into your room and have them do it; trust me, there are ants. We live in South Florida, the bug capital of the world, where "better living through chemistry" is a guidepost to harmony. Let 'em spray, leave the windows open and the fan on high for an hour, have a drink, then come back and unpack.

    This was the first anniversary party I'd been to since 2003 and probably the last we'll go to, at least for many years. It's crowded, it's loud, but it's amazing. Watching them build a platform over half the pool and then transform it into a palace of desserts was pure magic. The boats filled with seafood, a massive skillet of jambalaya, so many ice sculptures that we lost count; it was a carnival of food. And then by noon on Saturday, the resort was empty and peace had returned.

    Nice to see that Karen, the GM, is keeping CSA just the way we like it - a sleepaway camp for adults. We'll be back in April, celebrating our first Jamaican wedding anniversary on 420, oops that's 4/20.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    We visited the same time as you!!! Although we never met, or maybe we did!!! LOL...I will agree with you on all points. I am not good about doing reviews. The lamb kabobs were great, the duck at good...medium rare perfection! The anniversary party was a FAB spread...and a great treat for the other 6 in our party whom had never been to Couples...let alone JA. I did not mean to hijack your post but this trip to CSA was top. PS...we were the couple renewing vows on WEDNESDAY at 11....our first song was MY BABY LOVES ME WHEN IM STONED....and we wrapped it up with the BOOTY song!!!

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    Loved your review, thank you.

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    Thanks! Sounds perfect! We will be back to csa next year for our anniversary as well as the resort's. We too love the second floor atrium!
    Our first trip to csa was three years ago when we got engaged and have visited cti twice since
    Then. We figured why not über celebrate our anniversary and go to
    The crazy party? Looking forward to it and all the gorgeous food

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    Fawnridge, great review and I agree about the food and beach service. I was going to meet you at the Barry's Bar sign on Monday, but of course completely forgot as I was drinking and floating on the beach. I hope your jerk tour went well. And that dessert platform was phenomenal! Thanks for the review.

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    We were there at the same time. We loved the anniversary celebration (it was our second time there for it). We had issues with our room but everything else was wonderful. I'm sure we met and didn't know

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