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    Default Anyone Get A Sneak Peek Inside Building 1 or 2 at CN????

    Has anyone went in to look at the rooms in either Building 1 or 2 to see what the new bathrooms look like & what all is being done???? So curious but not hearing much. We have requested a room in one of those 2 buildings for our upcoming trip in December so would LOVE to know what to expect as far as how extensive the reno has been. Also, how is the Spa coming along & what is being done to it other than new decking???? Any info or pictures would be appreciated.

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    we got a peek at them in early Sept. and wrote about it here:
    (Sept. 12th post).

    I wouldn't bet on blocks 1 & 2 being ready by December, based on time it took some past projects to finish.
    I think someone who returned more recently posted that they appeared to be nearing completion so, hopefully for you, I'm wrong and you can enjoy the renovations during your Dec. trip.

    I would love to see more recent pictures from someone just returning.

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    Thanks rudi - The day after I posted this thread, someone posted pictures of the new bathroom on CN's FB page & said that Building 2 is open so it's moving faster than I expected .... Hopefully Building 1 will be ready shortly. When they were saying they should be open in early October, I was remembering how long it took for them to get Lychee open ..... The date for that kept moving back farther & farther & farther .....

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    On the Couples Negril facebook page, there are pictures posted from just a few days ago. the bathrooms look awesome.

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    custer & Maxernie, I cant seem to find the pictures on the Facebook page... am I looking at the wrong page?
    Do you have a link?

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    I found the page below; its the only one with some pictures. It's a Couples Negril "group" page. There's only a few pictures that I could see.

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    Got back from CN 2 days ago.... Took a sneak peek at bathrooms in Block 1.. VERY VERY nice.. We heard some noise from builders but only if you walked by Block 1... No noise in Heleconia or the Beach... If you had not known about the renos , you would have never known it was being done....
    As for our 10 day vacation , perfect as usual (3rd time CN )...
    See you again in 2 years.....

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