We are heading to Couples Negril on 10/19. I am trying to fill out a sample customs form but I'm stuck on a few of the questions and was wondering if someone from Couples or an experienced traveler could help me out.

#2 "Boarded at" Is the airport code OK or do they want the city and state?
#18 "Intended Address" I can only find the PO number, Street and city of Couples Negril is that correct or do I need to put something else on that line?
#19 "City, Town & Parish"???

Part B
#2 "Port of Final Destination" would that be where we go through U.S. customs or our home airport (use city, State, or just airport code)

Part C
#1 "Accompanying you" Do both my wife and myself put the other on this line or do I just put her on mine?
#3b "Drugs" Do I need to to mark Yes for personal use prescription drugs?

Thanks for your help. I just want to make sure I get through customs quickly.