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    Default Beer Choices at CSS

    I've read that other Couples resorts have different beer choices besides the Red Stripe at certain bars. Anyone know if this is the case at CSS too?

    THX...11 days...woo hoo

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    Was not any choice when we were there is July (unless they hide it!!!)

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    LoriJenn, I heard a rumor that you can find Guinness at the bar by the Mineral Pool. Happy researching!:-)

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    Yes they have Red Stripe Light.
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    River -haha Red Stripe light...

    SuzyQ- I thought I read that somewhere too. Some saying its a Guinness that they make in Jamaica and also Heineken available.

    Falcon-...guess I will find out in a few days...I will report back upon my return so that others will know too.

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    I found bud light in the gift shop a couple of years ago. However you had to buy it. Not included
    it's all about the kids

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    You can get Guinness and Heineken at the Balloon Bar in the evenings. There used to be a Manager at CSS who would always drink all the Heineken but he's no longer there, so there should be no problem

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    You can get anything you want. As long as it's Red Stripe

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    Hi LoriJenn,
    Usually you can get a Guinness or Heineken upstairs at the Balloon Bar, but it is limited and sometimes is not available. If you let the bartender know, he/she quite often will see that there is some stocked for you the next day. Overall they really work hard at pleasing you and making your stay a great experience. They use to have Guinness at the health bar by the mineral/spa pool, but last year was told they no longer stock it at that bar. It was interesting in that a couple of the health drinks had some Guinness in them.

    Light beer internationally usually means lower alcohol content vs fewer calories as in US domestic beers.

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