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    Default Couples Sans Souci Nov 8th-Nov 14th....

    Who else will be attending here at this time? This is our 3rd time at a Couples Resort, our 2nd time at CSS! We love it!

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    Hi we will be there 4th thru the 13 hi Jim And Judy this is our 6th time i think we spend all of our time at SSB may be we will see you there we love it as well . This is what we are calling our retirement trip we retired this year at 55

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    We spend EVERYDAY at SSB! I am 43 and my husband is 49. I guess you could say that I am retired, I quit work about 3 years ago so we could build a house. We were way too busy with both of us working to accomplish something like Bob has talked about retiring at 55 or 60 but can't see him doing it completely. He said he would get bored. I told him that he wouldn't and that would just mean we could spend more time in Jamaica!!!!!
    Congrats on your retirement and we will have a toast at the bar with you guys at SSB!!
    CANT WAIT!!!!!

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    8 day count down every thing packed . i so ready ! all thats left to do here is lock the gate .Yes we will have a toast see you on ssb!!!

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    Well Ron retires Friday, then we'll be at CSS Tuesday! This retirement thing is pretty attractive... maybe we can all convince Bob!
    We're coming from Canada (snowing today), 5th time to CSS, and we'll see you at SSB every day from the 6th to the 16th. Hoping Pierre is hiring... will work for room and board!
    Sheila & Ron

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    This time next week we will be home!! Rick and Debbie here. Rick is 65 and I am 55. We will be at CSS Nov. 6th to the 13th. This is our third trip to CSS with two previous trips to CTI. See everyone at SSB!

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    Every things on count down now we head to DFW Airport 5am Monday morning, bags are packed ready to leave just lock to gate and leave for 9 day see all yall on ssb after lunch on the 4th

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    Three more nights here in North Texas and we will be leaving on a jet plane . can`t hardly wait If we get there first well save you guys a seat At SSB Im So ready Jim and Judy ,both 55 6th time to CSS as well we spend most of our days ay SSB

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    It's Monday.....flying out can't get here quick enough!!!! OMG I can't wait! Ready to lay on SSB and drink a Dirty Banana! In bad need of sun on my buns!!! It is so beautiful there and the only place we can just really relax and chill with no worries! Come on Friday!!!!

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    well its 6:30 am sitting here looking out over the ocean ,waiting on room service for my coffee 9 great days ahead see yall later

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