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    Default Getting married at CTI Oct 26- Nov2!!!!

    My fiancé and I are getting married at CTI Oct 29th!!!! Just looking for any other couples who may be there at the same time! Nervous and very very excited!

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    We won't be there but very excited for you, our day at csa was the best ever. Congrats, you will have a blast !

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    Hi! We will not be there on your dates, but we were married on Tower Isle on 10/4. It's beautiful and the staff really takes care of you. Latoya is the best, go to her with any questions/hesitations. Congratulations!

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    Getting married Oct 30, VERY VERY NERVOUS don't know what to expect. How was the weather? and did you something big such as reception and cocktail hour. Did you do the beach or gazebo?

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