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    Default The Couples Tshirt Thread

    Tried to post this thread before and it somehow never made it. Hopefully will this time!

    We just got home (boohoo) from an amazing nine days at 5th trip and my new hubby's 20+th. We love CSA... Already have two trips in 2014 booked! Twice a year til we die...

    Every time we go, we choose tshirts as our repeaters gift. Ricky has some extremely cool "vintage" Couples tshirts...they're thick, high-quality and have great art work on the back.

    Since I've been going to Couples, the tshirts are thin, have a tiny logo on front, and one line (ie Many Happy Returns) on the back. Just washed our newest ladies XL would now fit someone perhaps a size 6 (no, I'm not a 6). They're V-neck...even the men's! Do men wear v neck tees?!

    Got married at CSA in April! More free tees! Same sad v neck with a different slogan on the back.

    Seriously, folks...spend a few extra bucks and go back to the original, beautiful tshirts! This is a fabulous gift for your repeaters. If you must, add a buck onto the room rate to make up the cost.

    To respond to those who say "just choose a different gift"... Not the point.

    Anyone else feel this same disdain for the plain white tee?

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    I feel the same way. I haven't worn the vnecks we got this year and I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. I do pick the shirts too but not sure about next year. I do buy a couple new shirts every trip from the gift shops as those are pretty nice.

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    I agree, the T-shirts are not something you'd wear out, just at home or at the Resort. My old ones I still wear with the twisted Palm's.
    They need to look at the shirt's as free advertising. I always get one at the gift shop with our resort credits. 45 Day's!! guess I wont ask for a T-shirt.

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    Suzi... I have to agree. They are very thin and always shrink. I am normally a medium but I usually get an XL. My husband and I love t-shirts and wear them a lot but really never wear the Couples t-shirts. We really are not interested in the other gift choices. Oh well, we don't come back to Couples for the gifts anyway. We come back due to the early booking specials, the staff, food and the wonderful coming home feeling.

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    I agree about the t-shirts ..... We always take the t-shirts because the sparkling wine you get anyway on request & we got the oil & candle once & it's still in the original wrapping because it's not something we use. We also never wear the t-shirts because they are big & baggy instead of more fitted ..... I bring them home & put them straight into my box for good will. Randymon had said that they were suppose to be getting Couples luggage tags as a gift option & I would prefer those so hoping they have that option before we go back to CN in a few weeks. Since so many of us return over & over, I think that they need to have several gift options to choose from ... key chain, mug, picture frame, shot glass, beach bag, luggage tags, removable decals for your car window are a few ideas that would shake it up a little bit.

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    I wouldn't wear a V neck but I would love to have regular T shirt to so my love for couples

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    I'm with ya, Suzi !! I miss the resort-specific t-shirts. These "new" generic ones are just so cheap. I wear them to bed. My husband wears them to do yard work. He used to wear the "old" ones in public & was often asked about the resorts (free publicity for Couples).

    And, for our last 2 trips (CSA in 04/2013 & CSS in 08/2013) they were out of L & XL -- only Sm & Med (didn't want to just use the 1st letters !! haha). So, no t-shirts for us since 12/2012 at CN. And even there they only had L.

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    I have a couple of the old T-shirts and I love them. Have worn them for years to the point they are now beginning to fall apart. Nice thick cotton, heavy duty, love 'em. I also have some of the newer ones. And I agree. They are cheap. They are very thin and don't maintain their shape very well. I agree, they should return to the old shirts with the cool picture on the back. They are certainly a prize worth owning.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We've had Many Happy Returns and Very Important Couple. My complaint is like with any clothing article we get in Jamaica, once we wear it and wash it, it no longer fits--at all. They shrink a LOT!

    I would like one of the vintage shirts that I see many of our friends wear when we are CTI.

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    We got Tshirts a few years ago - they had the logo on the front and then "very important couple" with a larger logo on the back. I they are high neck white Ts that are of American Apparel quality.

    I actually like my tshirts to be the thinner fabric and v-neck (though these have been resigned for sleep/gym/cleaning wear). To each their own I guess.

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    I totally agree! We were so excited to be repeaters last May. When we checked and got our tee shirts I couldn't believe it. The men's looked like a woman's! They ran very small and shrank like crazy. I would wear mine more often, in public, to advertise our "home away from home" if they looked better. Note to self, when we go back in December I'm going to ask for xxl men's for both of us. My sig other wouldn't even wear his because it looked to feminine.

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    I agree. I love T shirts and I would like to see some new, imaginative cool shirts.

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    We haven't gotten shirts in a few trips, and I'm very careful with the CTI shirt I got on trip one or two. They always seem to be out of XL, and rarely have a small for my wife. That's just one problem with the Romance Rewards program - the "pre-register" process has no obvious effect, there is only the standard stock the first day or two and until they catch up with the room card, and the points are at best confusing. From this side of the fence it just doesn't seem to do what a CRM program should.

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    Well I don't like the plain old T-shirts. I just got back from CSA too and even though I know the XL women's size won't fit me, I really like my husbands v-neck shirt. It looks really sharp on him and since the fit is more tailored it fits him nicely. And I think a lot of fashion t-shirts are made thinner because people layer or put camis under them. Hopefully they have a larger women's size for me next time because I like the new ones better than the old ones.

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    On a related question... Has anyone gotten them at Couples Barbados? Do they specifically mention Barbados or are they the general "Couples" ones? We're headed to CB this December and would get the shirts if they are Barbados specific,since there's a good chance this will be a one time thing.. back to CSA the next year! But then I said the same thing before our fist trip to Jamaica..that it will be a one time thing.. riiiight.

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    Anyone have a pic of these newer tshirts?

    The last ones we got were not vneck and kinda boxy. Now that i hear thin and vneck i may want it....please share

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    Bummer, I already have a prob maintaining the tees I have,and the couples tees always shrank, now it sounds like its gotten worse

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    The tshirts for sale in the cti logo shop are super nice! Wish those high quality shirts that are so soft and purposefully thin were offered. I'm into a minimalist logo- I don't like a busy tshirt. I am fine with what is printed, but agree that there may be nicer options for couples to try. Either way, I'm happy!
    The sparkling wine option always did confuse me

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    I do hope someone is laying attention at Couples... FREE ADVERTISING, FOLKS! You will notice very few people actually wear the thin V-neck tee. It does make a decent dust rag, bu gosh, wouldn't you rather have all us repeaters out advertising for you?

    Luggage tags will be nice...once. Repeaters are just that...we come back year after year (twice a year for us and many others)... Please, please go back to a nice, crew-neck, good-quality tshirt with art work on the back!

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    We have been to Couples 13 times and will be returning to CN next month. As T-shirt people I find when I am wearing Couples T's from our earlier trips since the last few years the T's are too thin and usually too small. While Couples Resorts are by far our favorite, I notice, unfortunately, we are wearing T's from another resort much more frequently because the return guest shirts are a better quality and tend to fit better. While we like to get T's, that is not why we go to Couples twice a year.

    Agree with several other posts, would love to see some better quality as we are always happy to share our wonderful experiences with others.

    Maybe another returning guest option could be a bottle of rum (maybe Coconut Rum?) to take back home.

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    My wife and I also like receiving Tee shirts as our gift for returning 5 time repeater. This time on our trip to CTI in July 2013 they were out of stock and said they would mail them to us at home when they restocked there supply. To this point we have not received any thing yet.

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    Hey Randymon,

    Since the photo contest has been discontinued, how about a design the repeater's t-shirt contest? Place the winning idea on some Hanes Beefy-Tees.

    You might have a winner all the way around. The contest can draw interest to the message board. Repeaters will have a memento of their trip, which could act as collectors items, as well as free advertising. Just a thought.
    Jim & Diane

    COR/CTI 08, 10
    CN 09, 12, Soon to be 18
    CSS 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

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    Agree, agree, agree.....when we get shirts at all! The past 2 visits have found them "out" of everything! We were told to give them our name and address (shouldn't they already have that?) and they would send them. NOT!!! Disappointing, to say the least.

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    Love the contest idea!!! Yeah, CTI...we are still waiting to receive our shirts from October 2011!!

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