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    Default Atrium Suites renovations

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the Atrium Suite bathrooms have been or are being renovated. We will be arriving in December and were just wondering what to expect.

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    I'm curious as well, we will also be in an atrium come December.

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    The Atrium bathrooms were renovated a few years ago and (as of Feb 2013) are fine, although I do have a problem with the new hand basins - the triumph of style over practicality. The renovations that are going on at the moment are of the "new" Veranda suites.

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    Guessing you mean CSA? We just got home, and the three-story buildings were being renovated. We saw balcony work and interior wood work being done. From our understanding in speaking with people in those buildings, the bathtubs were removed, and walk-in showers being put in.

    I was amused that they were sanding on a floor above where they were staining!

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