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    I just submitted this review to Trip Advisor.

    Just returned from a week at Couples Sans Souci (Sept 20 – 27). We have stayed at the resort in 2005 before it was a Couples brand resort and found the property to be much the same. We arrived a little late into MoBay but we were the first ones through immigration and we only waited a minute or 2 for our checked bag. We headed to the Couples lounge and were told that we could leave right now or use the bathroom and get a beer and catch the next shuttle. We opted to jump on the shuttle and after a smooth one hour and fifteen minute ride we were at Couples Sans Souci less than 2 hours after landing. We had been assigned to the D block but requested a G block room in the cliffs – no problem they had us changed out and to our room. Before we followed the bellman to our room we were able to stop and make dinner reservations for the first part of the week.

    Our room (G13) was huge and very clean. We had a great view of the cliffs and could hear the waves crashing from our balcony. Room service was always very prompt – usually within 20 minutes. The one exception was the only afternoon it rained while we were there. We decided to order room service instead of braving the rain for dinner. It took about 45 minutes but we did not feel that was unreasonable given the demand because of the rain. Dinner on the room service menu was just as good as the food we had in the restaurants. The mini bar was restocked every day with the basics and maid service came twice a day without fail. Maintenance was also very prompt. Our first day we noticed the refrigerator stopped working. We called before we went to dinner and when we came back we had a new fridge.

    The grounds were just as beautiful as we remembered – very green and lush and full of secluded spots to getaway. The beach is fine – not the prettiest I have every seen but the seclusion more than makes up for it. The beach is in a bay so when you are on the beach you cannot see any other resorts or homes so you feel as though you are in your own private world. There are lots of steps – I work out regularly and they did not bother me at all. I suppose if you are really out of shape they might but I really did not think it was an issue. I did bring strap on style beach shoes instead of flip flops to lessen the chances of tripping and that worked out fine.

    The food was always very good. We ate every where at least once. Our favorite was jerk chicken for lunch at the beach grill and Cassanova on the terrace at night. I did not realize you would have to cover your top to eat at the breakfast and lunch buffets – last time we were there you only had to have a cover up on bottom. I would have packed differently if I had known – luckily we were given repeaters t-shirts and I just wore that every day.

    We had 2 massages in the huts on the cliffs. I was worried since there was a promotion that involved spa credits but we had no problem booking our 2 massages. It depends on who you get of course my husband and I both agreed our second massage was better than the first.

    The guys in the scuba shop were a little slow to warm up to you but once they got to know you they were great. We dove everyday and went on the early morning and late morning dive another day. The sign on the shop said there is a 2 tank dive on Saturday but they don’t seem to be doing that any more – never did get a good explanation about that. They let us store our dive gear in the shop for the week so we did not have to walk back to our room everyday.

    We used the Trading Places program and went to visit the newly remodeled Tower Isle Resort which was about 5 minutes away. The resort was very beautiful but we found we liked Sans Souci so much we came back after a few hours instead of spending the day there.

    Our only glitch was our check out assignment when they tried to send us to the airport 5 hours before our flight. We protested that was way too early and they finally relented and got us a later shuttle which stopped by from Tower Isle to pick us up. They had us sign a release stating that we were leaving after they recommended and it was not their fault if we missed our flight. Turns out all the couples on the shuttle from Tower Isle were on our same flight - I am not sure why that was the perfect time for them to leave but too late for us.

    All in all we had a very nice and relaxing trip. This is the first time we have every been back to the same resort and I would not hesitate to return again.


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    Thank you so much for sharing your review with us. Good to hear that you enjoyed yourself.

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    Just wondering....How did you do with your diet while you were there? I remember a post from a while back, and you didn't want to gain weight while on vacation.

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    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    I've just booked a 1 bedroom oceanview room and wondered if I should have booked a Penthouse ( I missed a Wednesday sale on this room).

    From your room could you see the ocean as well as the cliffs?

    Did your room have a shower and a tub? My travel agent said there was no shower..I don't mean a separate shower - just one with the tub?

    As far as blocks D, E, F, G what is the difference? I can't find a map that shows the locations of these blocks - I would like to know which one jutts out further into the ocean and if the highest floor is a better view.

    Getting excited!

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    Bkhiatty - 2 pounds - I did not think that was too bad. Working on getting those off now but my pants still fit so its not an emergency!

    cozy07 - the G block is the highest block. Starting from the beach there are A & B on the beach level, then C, D & E are in the middle with D facing the beach and E angled toward the beach and E angled towards the spa area and then F & G are the highest level. G is over the lobby and F is to the right of that. We were over the cliffs - could not really see them since we were right on top of them but we could hear the waves crashing against the cliffs. The views are different - I don't know that I would call them better or not. From F&G you only see the ocean not the beach - depending on which side you are on in E&D you would be able to see the beach and ocean. The balconies in F&G are huge which is why I prefer them (2 lounge chairs and a table and chairs) compared to A & B which is only a table and chairs. Some of the rooms in D&E are just a table and chairs and some are the lounge chairs plus table and chairs.

    We had no tub a walk in shower only. Actually our bathroom was huge with a vanity and toliet as you walked in and then another vanity and the shower around the corner. The layouts of the rooms in F & G vary room to room so it just depends on what you get. The layout of A & B are standard - I am not sure about C, D & E.


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    AAS - thanks for posting your review and for sharing your experience about asking to stay a little later on your departure date. I always feel they take us to the airport way too early. Also, what room category did you have? And why did you prefer block G over D? Thanks!

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    theyamons - we had a one bedroom ocean suite. We preferred G to D because G is much more secluded up at the top of the cliffs. D is more in the middle of the resort so not as secluded. Plus G has huge balconies which I love (DH is neutral). The night of the beach party it had been raining pretty hard since 3pm so we went to the room read while stretched out on the lounge chairs and then ordered room service and ate dinner on the patio.


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    Okay, I REALLY want to sleep hearing the waves crash below me. Is that something you can hear from any of the D, E, F, and G blocks, or just G???

    Thanks - we are going in January and I can't wait!!

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    Only 2 pounds?? That is great...I gain two pounds when I enter the lobby LOL

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    Linus depending on where your room located on D & E you should be able to hear the waves crash. I think you have a better shot in D but you need to be towards the end of the block facing the ocean. You will be able to hear them in all of G. F is a little farther back so not sure about that one either.


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