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    Default Shopping for Mens Wear

    Are son is getting married in February in the Mayan. We are going to be at CN October 18th and thought that Jamaica would be a great place to buy some wedding "duds" for my husband. Does anyone know where there is a good men's wear store in Negril?

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    custer - negril is wonderful for many things but all in all JA is a 3rd world country. With the exception of souvenir tee's and hats you arent going to find "duds" that you cant find at home or online for less and of better quality. Nergil may be the offical capital of casual so keep that in mine
    suggestion buy what you want while at home and not be disappointed
    now if you are looking for "buds" negril fits the bill perfectly

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    Gotta agree with Stever... I would recommend buying clothes before you go. I wanted to buy a swimsuit the first time in the Caribbean- I thought I would have a great selection. I only saw a few and waaay to "mature" for what i wanted.
    I would buy the duds before you go and if you run across anything nice in Jamaica- consider it a bonus.

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    Thanks...and we are possibly looking for "buds" as well

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