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    Default Saxophone Player at CSS

    I just wanted to give a (very belated) shout out to the wonderful saxophonist who walks the ground at CSS at sunset. We had him play at our wedding on May 1st, 2013 and it was one of the most lovely experiences of the day. If anyone is tossing around the idea of having him play at your ceremony, I would say DO IT. He played both the flute and the sax, and entertained us under the trees when we were eating our cake and drinking champagne (which again, I think was my favorite part of the day).

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    Thanks for the post! A saxophone is my most favorite instrument to listen to. Very romantic I think.
    I was thinking about having him play during our candlelight dinner on the beach ( after our wedding).
    What do you think about that, having heard him and know how it all works?

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    everything is absolutely perfect on the sax...It's just so smooth and curvey. The only thing I'd recomend is having different colors on the actual metal that makes up the sax.

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    Great idea, does anyone knows how much you have to pay for his playing?
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