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    Default Thanksgiving at CSA?

    Hi Everyone

    This will be the first year we are away from family and friends for Thanksgiving. I can't believe I'm NOT getting up at 6am to start cooking 2 turkeys and all the trimmings that go along with the dinner. It's going to be wonderful to relax, but at the same time... I bet I still up wake up early for that darn turkey....LOL

    Anyone else going to be spending their Thanksgiving here at CSA? Maybe we can get together during dinner and toast to our families for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving? We would love the company and new friends.

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    We will also be spending Thanksgiving in Jamaica from Nov 23 - Nov 30, however we are staying at Couples Tower is also our first trip to Jamaica and our honeymoon!

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    Hi Amy28,
    Congrats to you both and enjoy each other time together in Jamaica. Would have been nice to meet you and toast a drink to your Honeymoon. Hey, maybe we will run into each other at Rick's Cafe :-) For us, it's going to be a "Ya Mon" Thanksgiving :-)

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    Hello Blurosemarie1, count us in. This we'll be our 3 trip to CSA at Thanksgiving time, we fly into Jamaica at 11:30 sooo should be at CSA around 2:30. Here is a pic of us at the Pelican Bar back in 2011Name:  pelican bar.jpg
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    CSA 2013
    CSA Torch holder 2012 "ANT"
    CSA 2011

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    Thanks for sharing you picture, have fun!! Now that we can see what you look like maybe we can buy you a Thanksgiving drink ;-) heheheh All kidding aside it would be nice to meet you both while at CSA. We are now waiting for our plane here in Houston, TX over a 2 hour wait for our transfer... We are tired!!!!!! Can't wait for that beautiful beach and beer in hand. Here is our picture, though it's 25 years ago when we first came to CSA to be married. We are renewing our vows the 23rd on the beach at 11am.

    Have a safe trip getting here.
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