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    Hi All,
    We have decided to try a split stay this time for our Jamaica trip one week at Couples Negril which is our favorite so far followed by a week at CSS. Still undecided on CSS or CTI but we are not AN people so am wondering if CTI is for us because we wont be going to the island but was wondering how much of the beach at CSS is used for the AN section? Is there still lots of room.
    Will spend most of our time on the beach and scuba diving.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi Barry,

    CSS has 2 beaches...1 textile the other AN. These are not on the same beach separated by a hedge, as is at CN, but actually separate beaches. You'll have plenty of beach at CSS, not as much as at CN, but won't have to worry about finding yourself in the AN area accidentally. CSS has a larger beach than CTI.
    You're welcome and enjoy whichever Ocho Rios resort you choose to visit!

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    Hello Berry,
    The beach is by far better at CSS than CTI (both textile and AN). When we go, we usually stay 2 week at a time and split between two resorts. When we stay on the Negril side we split between CN and CSA. and when we stay at CSS we stay at a different resort in the MoBay area as CTI is not our preference.

    When you stay at both the Negril side and the Ocho Rios side, you tend to lose most of a day with travel as you go to the airport from the resort, and then to the resort from the airport.

    It's all good...

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    Hi! We are doing a split stay next year between CN and CSS and we were told that you don't have to stop at the airport while transferring to the other side of the island. I hope this is true!

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    We did a split stay last June CSS/CSA we did not stop at airport. We left around 11 and made it to CSA just before 2. We to were told all transfers are now direct.

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    We stayed at CSS and CSA. The beaches in Negril are much better than in Ocho Rios and Sunset Beach (AN) was better IMO than was the regular beach at CSS (note we don't use the AN, but did go there a couple of nights after 5 PM when it was open to everyone for the sunset).

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