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    Default what do you think is the best Jamaican coffee

    If i were to buy Jamician coffe to take home what is the best tasting brand?

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    Be sure you get authentic Blue Mountain Coffee. There is an official government stamp on the genuine brands. The others are High Mountain Coffee and it does not taste nearly as good.

    There is JaBlum and Wallenford (another I can't think of). We prefer Wallenford although many prefer JaBlum.
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    Anything that says Blue Mountain on it. We loved it so much we bought as much as we could. But it is VERY expensive.

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    I personally do not drink coffee, but my husband does and he LOVES Blue Mountain. We get it at the airport, because we have found it to be cheaper there.

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    We prefer Jablum. Our second choice would probably be Wallenford.
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    Default Best jamaican coffee

    There is only one jamaican coffee that you drink at couples ( Blue Mountain)
    I am a tea drinker, but put my habits on hold while i am there.
    You cant find anything smoother.

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    Uh oh. Which RESORT is best? This is a matter of TASTE. I like Jablum but some prefer Wallenford Estates (some of which is HIGH MOUNTAIN coffee and all of which is roasted and stored at sea level - not good for the berries), Mavis Bank (Usually rated the best Blue Mountain coffee) , and many will like Marley's which is a new brand, just because the owner is Bob Marley's son. I won't buy Marley's simply because he feels that BECAUSE he is a Marley, he doesn't need to follow the rules & regulations of marketing (his words - not mine). Finally, there is Old Tavern brand, which I have never tasted. Just remember, whichever coffee you buy, it must, must, MUST have the following seal:

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    Without it, you do NOT have TRUE blue mountain coffee. Enjoy!

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    I found a brand on-line and I believe it's the same that is sold at the resorts it's "Coffee Roasters of Jamaica". Does anyone know if that is indeed the brand sold at CTI. If so, I'm a happy camper because they have a monthly coffee club so I can get my Blue Mountain fix daily.

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    I've never seen that branding till today, softailgrl. It looks to have the "100%" notation and the price is about similar.

    I've yet to be able to discern between the popular brandings by taste alone...

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    Any coffee served at Couples in the sea breeze! WAY better than any coffee anywhere else!

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