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    Default Rum Cream Question

    Does Rum Cream count toward your duty free alcohol maximum? I have heard that is does not. I would love to bring back as much as possible.

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    You are right. I bring back as much as I can pack, 4 -5 bottles

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    Softail - I just discovered that Sangster's Rum Cream is sold in Ft. Francis Ontario - just across the border from International Falls. It might be worth a day trip!!
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    Jan, wow lucky for you! Thamks for the tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggie_from_CA View Post
    Does Rum Cream count toward your duty free alcohol maximum? I have heard that is does not. I would love to bring back as much as possible.
    I usually bring back 4-6 bottles, depends on the carriers they give you. I never even get asked what is in it.

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    Every time I go overseas I bring back more and more booze. I went to Cayman in July 2013 and came back with 7 bottles. I declared it. On the form. Customs didnt care. Worst case you pay a little duty.

    That being said, last time I was at CTI in 2012, the duty free shop in the airport was HORRIBLE. I brought back nothing. I'm hoping they opened a new shop that has a selection, I'm returning in Jan 2014.

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    Never had a problem with bring back rum cream or alcohol. I normally bring back a dozen or so bottles for gifts. Cigarette is another case. They will charge you customs on them. You will have to pack the bottles in your checked baggage after passing customs so make sure you have enough room to do so. I normally bring 2 carry on bags. I pack one inside my luggage with clothes and bring the other one empty as a carry on to pack the alcohol in at the airport. Once back in the USA I just switch the 2 out. Very easy and takes only seconds and since the bottles are already packed inside the carry on I never had one break.

    Just a note at the airport in Montego bay there are now 2 places to buy alcohol. The one down by the gates is much larger and better laid out than the smaller one you first see.

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    Just a thought. There's nothing like the real thing. I found this recipe that may be the next best thing when you run out.

    Sangsters (the Jamaican brand) isn't sold in the US so after going online and trying many recipes, tweaking this, removing that, I found what is the closest in flavor to the Sangster's brand. It makes an excellent gift as most people aren't familiar with it.

    Serves: makes 1 quart
    Prep Time: 5 Min

    14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
    1-1 1/4 c amber rum (appleton's is what i use)
    1 c cream or half and half
    3 Tbsp chocolate syrup
    2 Tbsp fresh brewed coffee
    1 tsp real vanilla extract
    1 tsp coconut extract


    Mix all ingredients in a blender and run on a low setting for a minute, just long enough to blend.

    Refrigerate for an hour for flavors to blend. Serve over ice, in coffee, over ice cream, or in any way one would use Irish cream. It has the same texture but not the bite of whiskey. Keeps for 2 weeks in the fridge, I'm told. It never stays around long enough at our house!

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    Love the rum cream and it doesn't count towards your duty free limit. However, I've come back from overseas and one time I brought back 15 bottles of wine. I declared it, but Customs just waved us through. I figured it would cost me about $20 in duty, but I guess it wasn't worth all the paperwork to the Custom agents.

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    Made some rum cream that Mad Jack posted and I must say it is very close to the real stuff.
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    Thank you all for the customs information regarding Rum Cream.

    Mad Jack - I made the Rum Cream using your recipe this last weekend. It was great. The only problem was I figured out how many calories (or Weight Watcher points) were in it. I think that will limit my consumption a little.

    37 days until we return to CSA. Time to get the suitcases out & start packing.

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    Brought back 11 bottles of Rum Cream last week, custom guy looked at my form and said, must be good stuff, see a lot of that, welcome back to the USA.

    Sadly one bottle has been consumed already.

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