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    Default CSS Rooms near the Nude Beach Area

    I understand that we cannot reserve specific buildings or rooms in advance, but can request what we would like on arrival (based on availability). Give that, I am wondering if there is a type of room we can book that maximizes the odds of us being put closer to the nude area or of having a better chance of moving to closer to the nude area on arrival?
    We have not been to CSS since before it was a Couples Resort. Remembering how spread out things are I am trying to see if this will work either just before or just after a knee surgery when mobility will be 'ok' but somewhat uncomfortable. We may just end up back at CN where we know it's easy to get around, but we'd like to get to CSS if we can.
    Thanks much!

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    A lot of the one bedroom beachfront rooms are in A & B Blocks--- A is closest to the SSB area.

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    Blocks A & B are the buildings closest to SSB and contain the Beachfront Suite room category. Most everything needed to enjoy a stay at CSS is near the main beach/SSB. If you have trouble getting up to/down from the lobby and "upper" areas they'll send a vehicle to give you a ride so getting around is not a problem.

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    The beachfront suites are Block 'A' and Block 'B', 'A' is closest to SSB but both buildings are on the same level and the most convenient to the main pool, 2 restaurants and both beaches.

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    All of the 1 Bedroom Beachfront Suites are in A & B. There are no other room types in A or B.

    Here's a thread where I gave the room numbering layout of A & B:

    Also, the building letters & room numbers are the same as when this was a "GL" resort -- Couples did not change this.


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    From what I remember, there are no buildings actually close to Sunset Beach. It's a pretty good walk.

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    Thanks all! Much appreciated!

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    very short walk from 'A' block to SSB

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    Can anyone direct me to some pictures of the Beachfront Suites at CSS and/or pictures from the balconies of those rooms? I have seen the ones on the Couples site and have filtered through the many pics on TA but am wondering if there is anything else available to see.
    Thanks very much!

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    Name:  from balcony.jpg
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    Our view from first floor A06, we loved loved loved this room and its location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodspkr View Post
    From what I remember, there are no buildings actually close to Sunset Beach. It's a pretty good walk.
    If by "close" you mean right out your door, then no, they are not close. They ARE, however, within about a 2 minute walk from A Block (maybe 3 from B)

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    Ok, it could take a couple extra minutes than that, depending on how many Bob Marleys you drink before you head out.

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    Here's a link to pics from our visit to CSS in '09: Csa/Css'10 - a set on Flickr in which we stayed in a Beachfront Suite. They are towards the end of the set as we stayed at CSA first and had to spend a night in a Penthouse Suite at CSS before being switched to our suite in A-Block right where it meets B-Block (we were on the 2nd floor). Enjoy!!

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    here is a picture from the balcony of our 'a' block room, A31Name:  IMG_0125.jpg
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