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    Default Dream Come True!

    We returned from CSS for our Weddingmoon a week ago today. Truly a dream come true. The resort is an idyllic setting for a wedding. Unbelievable romantic! When we arrived on Thursday we were told our mini bar selections were ready butÖ. (at this moment my heart dropped) they didnít have a penthouse in block D where we requested. Instead we were upgraded to the Prime Minister Suite till Saturday. (My heart starts soaring). Returning to our room the first evening after a few cocktails we received a call that we were going to be able to stay in the Prime Minister Suite for our whole stay. Wonderful news hard to believe I actually called the front desk in the morning to make sure it wasnít a dream. I had read on the message boards about people getting upgrades never thinking it would happen to us. The Prime Minister Suite is incredibly luxurious. We feel blessed to have received the upgrade and would like to express our thanks to Couples management and staff.

    We meet the wedding coordinator on Friday to line out all the details for our Sunday wedding. The meeting was quick and informative. We booked my hair and makeup appointment. I had planned on doing my own hair and makeup and realized after we arrived that the humidity was more than I was capable of dealing with on my own. They know how to get you through your special day without frizzy hair and runny makeup. Itís worth the money to not have the stress.

    The wedding was as I stated before a dream come true. Only hiccup was the music. The resort has docking stations for Iphones but not android devices and we did not bring an audio cable but we realized my dad had an iphone therefore we just need to download our song from Itunes. Well, my dad knew his password but not the security question answers. LOL (thought my mom was going to hurting him for that one) of course we waited to deal with that till the day of the wedding and we are scrambling trying to make it work. No problem in the end I made a quick play list on one of our cell phones about 10 minutes before the wedding coordinator showed up to walk me down. She panicked when I explained what the situation was and how we were going to deal with it. She held the phone during the ceremony and it end up working out perfectly. There is always at least one thing that happens that youíll look back on it and laugh, the music is ours. My recommendation to brides and grooms planning to have music is be prepared with an Iphone or bring an audio cable. We used the resort photographer. The pictures are wonderful. We had dinner at Palazzina with our 4 guest and it was fabulous.

    I would like to note that Timís sister is Vegan and the resort went above and beyond with taking care of her dietary requirements. They made her vegan cupcakes for the cake cutting and champagne part of the wedding. They kept her cupcakes with our wedding cake that way we could call room service and have them bring cake or cupcakes to us whenever we liked during the rest of our stay. They made special dinners for her every night and the chefs would come out and talk to her. Even at the Beach dinner they came to our table with a specially prepared meal. The service they provided to her was impressive but it wasnít just her. The Couples staff goes above and beyond for every guest. Ask anything and itís No Problem.

    The food was amazing. We never made it to Casanova. My parents and Timís mom and sister did and enjoyed it but Tim and I arenít reservation people. We ate at Bella Vista almost every night and most lunches. I love sitting by the ocean, enjoying great food and good friends or just a romantic dinner with my husband. We meet many friends that we will stay in contact and hopefully be welcomed home with in the future. Try the soups All of them! I read that on the message boards before going and honestly thatís the only reason I tried themÖ Hot weather and soup? Yes, I ate soup every day at least twice. Now that we are home Iím missing my fruit and cheese for breakfast and the soups the most, well the beef patties too. Favorite drinks: Morning Glory, Paradise and Rum Cream and Ice.

    We enjoyed the watersports. Tim wanted to try the Hobie Cat and we finally got our chance when the wind picked up on Wednesday, before that we tried the paddle boards, kayaks, bicycles and the glass bottom boat tour. Everything was so enjoyable I wish we tried it all earlier in our stay. The pools and jacuzzi's were great too. Love the mineral pool.

    I canít write everything that was great about our trip but I feel like Iíve given it a good shot and my review is way too long. Dreaming of being welcomed homeÖ


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    So glad you had a wonderful day. We went to CSS for the first time back in March (have been to CN and CSA which is where we got married). We had a great time as well. Going back to CN in 43 days. Just paid our final deposit the other day.

    PS - Absolutely LOVE your dress!!!!!
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    What an awesome review! Congratulations on your wedding, we wish you many happy years together! We will be going to CSS in 8 more sleeps to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, our first trip to a couples. I plan on trying all the soups, thanks to this message board!

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    Happydance! Congratulations on your wedding! Your pictures are beautiful! You guys are soooo lucky to have been upgraded to the Prime Minister's Suite! We have trip #9 planned and haven't received any room upgrades but we're hooked now and love CSS and those PH suites! May the joy the two of you shared on your wedding day be with you throughout your marriage!:-) All the best!

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    I was so happy to meet you guys last week. You have an awesome family. Tim is certainly an outstanding man. Your dress was amazing.I think you may be a trendsetter with that one. Glad you had a great time. Say hi to "mom and Dad" for us!!!

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    Thanks everyone! Blridgway I hope have a wonderful anniversary. Novastar it was great to meet you hopefully we will meet at "Home" again some day

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    I'm an addict! I'm on the message boards everyday. Tim's almost as bad. We are drinking Morning Glory's all the time and I hunted all over town to find Caribbean Papaya, 5 stores and I found it. I over bought so I've been sharing with family and friends and exposing them to the wonderful fruit. Tim asked me last night what my favorite vacation we have ever taken was... CSS of course, like he didn't know the answer. Planning to book a return trip soon. Until then I'll keep daydreaming

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