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    Default Guiness Foreign Extra at CSA?

    This tasty treat is Jamaician favorite and not always easy to find this particular variant in the states. With the success of the cold brewed "black" lager has taken the "foreign extra" shelf space in most places I have shopped.

    I am hoping it will be available besides the lovely "Red Stripe"!

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    I didn't know Guinness foreign export even existed until I went to Jamaica. I've always been a fan if Guinness and asked for it at CTI when we were there. They didn't carry it at the resort, however the next day one of the bartenders left a little package outside my room with some Guinness and a local stout called dragon stout, both were awesome. Now that is customer service at its finest!!!

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    It's there but you might have to look a little for it. I can usually get it at the Martini Bar. But I like it so much I go to the store across the road from CSA and pick up my own supply for the room. Nothing better than a Guinness extra Stout after a dive. Love it!
    Very Jamaican because it's made (bottled) in Kingston Jamaica. Can't get it at home. I've tried. We can get Dragon Stout but not Guinness extra Stout.

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    Yes you can find it the Martini Bar. I'm not sure if I have ever seen it any of the other bars though.

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    The Foreign Extra is used in many recipes and I was able to pick up a few bottles in a Guiness sampler. The Beef Stew is amazingly flavorful! I wanted to do the Salmon curing but can't get the bottles.

    I want to drink some also! Very good beer!!

    Thank you!

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