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Thread: hotels in mbj.

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    Default hotels in mbj.

    would like to know if their is a hotel with a rest. close to the airport that is cheap.

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    Check out Relax Resort or Toby's Resort. Toby's is closer to the airport, but Relax is cheaper. Both are in MoBay.
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    We have stayed several times at a beautiful B&B 10 minutes away from the Montego Bay airport. Everyone who we have recommended it to has loved it. If interested on the info you can email me at

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    We actually stayed at an all-inclusive on the way out (stay as long as we can at Couples type of thing) and loved it. ~30 bucks more than Toby's, but we ate and drank that some.
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    This is just 10 minutes form MBJ, we are staying overnight and then on to CSA.
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