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    Default what to wear while traveling?

    What does everyone wear during your travel to Jamaica?? We will be taking our 1st trip to Couples (CSS) in 10 days and I'm not sure what I should wear on the plane that will be good when we land too! I'm thinking layers on top with shorts?

    Just wondering what everyone wears for the travel!

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    I usually go with Capris, a nice tank top and a light sweater for the plane. Hubby is usually in shorts, and wears a t-shirt on the plane and has a tank top in his carry on for when we get to the island. This is our "wear" to any warm tropical place from our cooler Philadephia area.
    Jim ~n~ Kelly

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    We fly during the winter so I start out with blue jeans on. During our layover I switch to shorts and Tevas. I have a tank top on and take a sweat shirt that zips up to cover my upper torso. I wear Tevas with socks and just remove the socks when my feet get hot. I also take my own blanket (similar to the ones on the planes) and cover up if I am chilled on the plane. I found that this works really well. When traveling home I start in the shorts and switch over to blue jeans during our layover. Some people will change clothes in Jamaica, but I think it is way too hot to tramps through the airport in blue jeans waiting to be able to change clothes when I get to the Couples Lounge.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I am a very cold natured person who is quite comfortable at 90 degrees and has chills at 78 I may not be the best person to give advice. However, I usually wear capris with a light t-shirt or tank top and take a light sweater to wear on the plane/bus. If I were any warmer-natured, I would be sure to wear shorts.

    Mark & April
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    We wear regular casual stuff on the plane and bring shorts/swimsuits in our carry on bags so we can easily change into them once we get to Jamaica.

    Don't wear any denim. It's way too hot !
    nobody's favorite poster

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    Yes you got it right. Layers on top with shorts. It gets cold in those airports but you will be very warm in Jamaica. Have a wonderful trip. I am envious.

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    I wore a skirt, t-shirt and flip flops.

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    We travel in January and we wear jeans and a t-shirt with a sweatshirt over it. Once we land, we trade the jeans for shorts and take off the sweatshirts and off we go to paradise.

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    When we leave in April there is usually some left over snow on the ground and it is about 30 degrees. Our flight usually left at 5:30 am. We would hit the airport dressed ready for Jamaica. Shorts, sneakers, flowered shirt and a strong desire for some Blue Mountain coffee. The only way to go.

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    I usually wear a pair of cotton pants and a tank top and BRING A SWEATER!! I get cold easily and planes often are. I wear a pair of sandals or flipflops that are easy on and off at security. My husband always wears his running shoes, which drives me crazy, since he has to sit down and take them off and then put them back on after security. Grrr.... He wears shorts and a t-shirt.

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    Plan on changing clothes on the plane. You can use the bathroom, if you're modest (except on Spirit where I'm told they now have pay toilets.) You want to get off the plane in a bathing suit, t-shirt, and flip-flops; what we call "island style".
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    Boca Raton, Florida
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    We have to travel between Christmas and New Years due to Susie teaching and even though it is usually a "warm" 0-30F outside we wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt(we want to get into that tropical warmth mode ASAP). We take a shuttle from a hotel by Ohare to Ohare so the time being outside is very minimal.

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    Yes, definately wear layers, but another helpful tip is to take socks in your carry-on/purse for the plane. If you're wearing flip-flops or sandals, your tootsies can get cold!
    Heather and Tim

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    My wife wears capris and I wear short pants. The key is bring a sweater or jacket for the plane ride, it can be cold. If it is cold out were you start your trip I would wear light long pants, but not jeans.
    Irie Mon

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    We go in November and we are in Nebraska so it's usually cold when we leave and I think planes are generally cool any time of year. I wear sweatpants with shorts underneath so I can take them off while waiting in the customs line in Jamaica, that's usually the first place I really get warm. I wear a sweatshirt with a T-shirt underneath and can also take that off at any point. I wear my Birkenstock sandals with socks so I can slip the socks off and don't have to worry about an extra pair of shoes. I either save room in my carry-on to tuck the clothes I take off or just tuck them through the handle. For the trip home I do the same but in reverse, I usually end up putting on the sweatshirt on the plan and then the pants and socks the first time we land in the US.

    My husband in a jeans fanatic and wears his jeans and running shoes with a long sleeved shirt and T-shirt under. Drives me crazy like someone above mentioned and he's usually hot by the time we get to the resort so he's getting cranky and anxious to get to the room to change. I've tried to talk him into dressing like I do but he just won't.

    Jamaica is very warm and humid so you'll want to either be dressed right or have the clothes available right away, it's not worth being uncomfortable and getting your trip off on the wrong foot.

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    As we're heading to Jamaica in April we wear zip-offs and a t-shirt with a lined wind-breaker. Upon landing in Montego Bay we shed the pant legs and jacket so we're all set in shorts and a t-shirt for the beautiful weather. As for footwear...we wear tennis shoes for comfort.

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    Shorts, tee, and tennie shoes!

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    We will be leaving from Dallas, TX in December. But I am threatening to wear shorts and tank-top under a coat. Then, I'll throw off the coat and dash into the airport. Hee. Whoever picks us up, will need to bring coats to us.

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    The only additional tip is to make sure you either have your swimsuit on under your clothes or have it safely packed in you carry on. Whenever I go to the Caribbean I make sure I have swimsuit, flipflops and little black dress for in my carry on. That way if my luggage gets lost I have everything I really need.
    (always pack any Rx meds in your carry on too)

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    We purchased convertible pants from LL Bean. At the beginning of the trip, we're in long pants with a t-shirt or lightweight summer top underneath a warmer, more substantial top/sweater/sweatshirt. Before the plane lands, we remove the heavier top and remove the lower portion of the pant legs, converting them into shorts. It works well for us.
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    A BIG smile:

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    I never wear shorts, sandals or flip flops on an airplane. I always wear shoes that completely cover my foot both top & bottom and long pants. If God forbid there were an emergency where you would need to get off the plane quickly, I want my feet & legs covered as best they can be. That being said I usually carry on shorts or wear them underneath sweat pants. That way I can peel them off of at my destination. Did that in Jamaica in Feb, Orlando in July & probably will again in Vegas in November. Plus there is just something kinda gross about airplane seats that I don't want my bare skin touching them!

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    We fly out of Pgh. in February and it's still VERY cold here. I'm like the posting from aurxdoc05 where I'm comfortable at 90 degrees and chilled at 78; therefore always cold on airplanes. My typical travel attire in winter consists of jeans, white sneakers and a nice tank top under sweatshirt. I pack sandals/flip-flops and a bathing suit w/cover up in my carry-on bag which also serves as a beach bag at the resort. Before we walk off the plane in any country, off comes the sweatshirt & sneakers and on goes the sandals. Stuff the shoes & sweatshirt into your carry-on. However, this coming February, thanks to comments on this thread, I will now wear zip-off pants so I will also have shorts on by the time we land instead of jeans. Thanks for the great tip! We always leave our winter coats in the car parked at the airport. Reverse the scenario on your return trip & you'll be fine! Happy Travels...

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    I will be the dissenting voice and suggest you change into shorts at the Couples lounge. Especially if you are male. I can't tell you how icky it is to be seated 2 inches from someone's hairy legs. On the beach is one thing--you aren't sitting almost on top of me; in a tiny metal tube please leave the pants on. Trust me, the heat won't kill you in that amount of time. Plus, have you seen planes lately? You want your bare skin on THOSE seats?

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    Jsut as a warning (and kind of a kudos to Couples' efficiency), don't bank on having a ton of time in the Couples lounge. We're headed there next week (!) for trip #4 and we've never waited more than 10 minutes for the shuttle. Not a lot of time to get changed AND get your beer, and I know which of those activities most important to me.

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