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    Default Countdowns You gotta love em

    Countdowns. Lots of people have them if they’re lucky. We all love them. We start out with a big number, usually, and the smaller the number gets, the happier we are. Can’t wait to have “ZERO”.
    And while we are all counting down, there are a variety of ways that we do it.

    I have our countdown on the calendar right next to this desk. I start at “0” day and work backwards to the present date. This started years ago and it became part of our “routine”. You all have yours too.
    It’s the little rush you get when you are thinking about and planning for The Trip !! All the necessary tasks that need to be attended to before you actually get to close the door and turn out the lights. And each one of those tiny accomplishments along the way, can give you a quiet tingle. A smile lights up your face.
    When you book the trip. Receiving the documents. Booking the flight. Bringing down the bags. Stopping the mail.
    All those things and more are done willingly and with great pleasure. For we know that as each travel requirement is met and checked off the list, home isn’t far away.

    The countdown has a life of its own. It is not affected by anything going on in your life. Good days, bad days, crappy weather. Doesn’t matter. The countdown will continue to diminish itself and this makes us happy. It’s always an exciting time in our lives when there is a countdown in progress. I don’t care how far away it is.

    One couple on the MB had 510 days. Now that’s optimism for you. And even though you have lit the candle, the glow it casts is so very tiny and far away. But with each passing day, the flame will become stronger, the light much brighter until your day arrives. The waiting will be but a memory.

    People have different ways of expressing their ongoing countdown. For example. Some count the days. “5 days till CSS” “156 till we are home again”. “21 days till this years trip”. “65 for out first time”. I don’t know about you, but I can feel their excitement. I’m sitting here smiling right along with all of them.

    If you’re a repeater, then you certainly know what’s in store. Being in a beautiful tropical setting, just exactly the way you remember it. That feeling alone is worth so much. More than likely you will run in to couples that you have met before. It’s wonderful to see some friends and spend time with them again. Just the way you remember it. Familiar. Comfortable. Soothing.

    That doesn’t mean that the “newbies” are going to have any less than a super time as well. Being the new kid on the patio has it’s own rewards.
    First timers have that wide-eyed, somewhat overwhelmed look.
    There is a lot of anticipated excitement and wonder. You may have talked with someone that has been, or just went on a TA’s suggestion. Perhaps you went to the Couples web site and saw all that was available to you. Pictures and talking can do so much. For the first timer, it’s an adrenalin highway from start to finish.

    It’s every holiday, every parade, every amusement park you ever waited for. New timers just bubble with enthusiasm. And of course they won’t be disappointed. Not at all. They will talk about their time in the tropics, look at pictures they took, talk with friends on FB and MB. And hopefully those happy first time campers will become repeaters. And the beat goes on.

    Some folks do their counting with days, and or hours, minutes and seconds.

    “30 days, 1 hour, 35 minutes”. “Less than 30 hours”. Still others mark certain “milestones” involved with the disappearing digits. “We’ve reached the DD mark”. “Single-digit dance”. “Tomorrow is Couples Eve”.

    Some count their sleeps.
    “29 and wake up to CN” “23 more sleeps”.
    Still others post these. “9 more Fridays” “Two more paydays”.

    There was this too. “Can I get a Hallelujah for 90”? And of course someone answered him, “Yes you can”

    Whether we count the hours or the days, how many sleeps or how many Fridays, our goal is the same. Get to Couples. Then the only thing you need to count will be your blessings.

    163 but it used to be higher.

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    We count the number of hires I have placed. I have to reach a certain number of hires and then we can book our trip. Of course, then we start counting our days.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hires? Have to ask sorry!

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    I dont really countdown, but for the record, it's 143 days and 22 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Hires? Have to ask sorry!
    I'm a recruiter. I mainly recruit for IT positions, but also do other types of placements. I'm straight commission, so we have to have the money guaranteed to be coming in before we book anything. I prefer it when I can make the reservation and just pay the whole thing off in one cash payment. So our agreement with each other is a certain number of placements (hires) before we can book our trip.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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