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    Default CSA - Live Entertainment (Where's the reggae?)

    Let me first start by saying that of all the vacations I've taken, I've never had more fun than I did on our last trip to CSA back in December of 2011. So much so, that we're heading back in 57 days...

    My only gripe is the lack of live reggae on the resort. I wish Couples would incorporate more of that into what they offer in terms of nightly entertainment. I like some jazz and top 40, but I don't need to travel thousands of miles to hear it.

    Just wondering if any other Couples-aholics agree with me? More reggae and less Top 40???

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    This was one a complaint we heard over and over the week we were there. We along with other couples would go to Palms every eve in hopes of hearing some steel drums and reggae. We were quite surprised that it never happened. It was a dissapointment for sure. We did hear plenty of Michael Jackson and oddly enough lots of Adele??

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    I totally agree. More steel drums and reggae needed. That is one of the things I love and come to Jamaica for. If I wanted to hear the other junk, I wouldn't be coming to Jamaica for we have plenty of it at home. I tell all my friends that I go to Jamaica for the 3 R's. Rum, Reggae and Relaxation.
    Karin and Jim

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    I'd also be good with hearing other types of Caribbean music as well, such as ska, mento, dancehall...even calypso.

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    That has been one of the issues we have with CN. A few years ago we were lucky enough to have Frankie Paul at the resort. He did about a 90 minute show with the house band. Same musicians but sounded like a completely different band. The next night it was back to the same old "Americanized" reggae. Last year a vocal group sang with the house band. Same thing as with Frankie Paul. I get why they play the American stuff but they certainly could add some more REAL Jamaican music.

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    When we were at CSA last week we thought the same thing. We tried to sit by one of the beach bars in the am because the workers would be playing reggae while preparing for the day. We even walked down to margaritaville and sat on the chairs and had a drink so we could listen the the reggae and watch the water.

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    This is the one and ONLY downfall from my visits to CN and CSA. I was hoping to go to Jamaica and be sick of reggae when we left, but I hardly heard any while I was there. The best night by far on our 1st trip was when the steel drum band played. This definitely won't keep us from Couples but I do think there needs to be more authentic/reggae music played.
    Karin and Jim, love your 3 R's!!! Definitely what Jamaica is all about.

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    I guess people love to hear what they already know! I don't mind reggae style covers but to not play much is really awful.

    I'll load up my iphone with music and have my choices.

    In addition, there is more to reggae than just Bob Marley! So much more!

    Me, Im more into old school "Dance Hall"!

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    Glad its not just me, in fact, it seems a lot of people agree. More reggae at Couples. Reggae music should be the rule and not the exception in Jamaica. Couples provides such an awesome island vibe, the only thing missing is authentic island music.
    Anyone else feel this way, mon???

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    Absolutely have to agree here. While the beach and swim up bars frequently have local music playing, it would be nice to hear more live performances. Bob in particular is a huge reggae fan; I adore ska.

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    On our last visit to CSS, they blasted reggae over the speakers all day long at SSB, so much so that I was sick of it by the time we left. Not sure I would've enjoyed it for the evening entertainment too! Then, on the bus ride to the airport we were "treated" to a Bob Marley CD that ran over and over and over for the entire 1.5 hour ride. Love Bob's music, but I didn't want to hear reggae for a good long while after we got home. Maybe you should visit SSB.

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    Really, no reggae live???? Not cool!

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    I as well was expecting to hear plenty of Reggae while there and deff was not much to be herd. Good thing I have a great mix of reggae on my Ipod that was always playing in my room so I got to hear it every time I was in there, and was sung to sleep by the sounds of tree frogs and reggae every night.

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    That is what disappointed us most at CTI, very little Jamaican music. Was glad the little water fall at the main pool drowned out the music coming from the pool grill. Even the resident band, just didn't get off on them.

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