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    Default Help me decide b/w CTI & CSS...

    Hello! We are looking in to a trip to CTI or CSS in late January. Having a hard time deciding b/w the 2 resorts - can anyone give me some differences b/w the 2? We are looking forward to a lot of R&R and a few excursions. TIA for any help! : )

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    I have only been to CTI and are returning next February. Comparing the activities schedules both are very similar. I would also expect the food, entertainment and service very similar. About the only thing I think is different is that the terrain on these resorts are different. You climb more steps at CSS which is an issue if you have trouble with steps. I bet you would be happy at either location. Sorry I could not be more help.

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    I wrote this review on Trip Advisor comparing CTI with CSS about 6 months ago...hope it helps.

    CTI and Comparison to Couples San Souci - Review of Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rios, Jamaica - TripAdvisor
    CSS - March, 2012, April, 2018
    CTI - March, 2013, 2014, 2015, October, 2016, March 2017

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    Thanks for the help....I think CSS has won out for us! Now to figure out the best room/area.... Thanks again!

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    Here's some differences between CSS and CTI that come to mind:
    - Number of restaurants for dinner - CSS has 3 and CTI has 4.
    - Size of resort - CSS is larger and more spread out with paths to walk and things to explore (lots of vegetation).
    - Size of beach(es) - CSS' are larger (both textile and AN).
    - AN beach access - CTI will run you over to the island by boat while you can walk to the one on CSS.
    - CTI has a pier where you can get some fabulous resort pictures.
    - CSS has rooms in 7 buildings ranging from beach level to the cliffs overlooking the resort (requires some stair climbing (althought there is an elevator from the lower level to the top)) while CTI is more hotel-like with theirs being in 5 adjoining buildings.
    - CSS usually has a little more activity (i.e. 3 PM beach volleyball) than CTI
    - CTI offers a catamaran cruise that is not available at CSS.
    We're sure there are other things that can be added to this list.

    There's plenty of room for R&R at either resort and the same excursions are included (except for the catamaran cruise). An excursion we tried (not included) was the plantation/beach horseback riding through Hooves. This was a real blast and well done!

    Have fun at whichever resort you choose to visit!!

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    We enjoyed our trip to CSS but after going to CTI we like CTI better. I thought the staff was friendlier at CTI, I liked the restaurant choices better at CTI, everything is closer at CTI. There are a lot of steps at CSS but we had a Beachfront Suite at CSS that made it nice but you still have to navigate the steps at CSS.

    The a/n area at CSS was better and we really liked having a massage on the cliffs at CSS. Not catamaran at CSS.

    You cannot go wrong with any of the choices of Couples in Ja.

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    Thanks so much! I think CSS has won us we just need to figure out the room type/location : )

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    You've made a great choice in CSS! Best room/area depends on you. Here's some thoughts:
    - If you like to be near the beach and have a jacuzzi in your room then the One Bedroom Beachfront Suites would be great.
    - For those who are more into the view than proximity to the beach any of the other categories would work.
    - For those who can afford it and want the best views with the most room then the Penthouse is the way to go.
    - Having a great view at an affordable price can be found in the Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite or One Bedroom Ocean Suite (our personal favorites).
    As silly as it may sound, we prefer to be off the beach. The views from the suites "on the cliffs" can be awesome! Enjoy choosing the suite that's right for you and have a great trip!!

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