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    Default Visit to Blue Hole

    Has anyone been to the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios? I have read several reviews that have said it is beautiful, and that you won't get harassed by the locals as you would at Dunn's River (we avoided going there after speaking with a couple about their experience at Dunn's River). Did you get assistance from the folks in the lobby to book transportation/tour guide to get there? Some reviews have said that they hired a local taxi driver/tour guide to go to the Blue Hole. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 90 more days until CSS! (3rd time in Jamaica; CN 2011; CSS 2012; CSS 2014)

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    We were just at CTI. We personally did not visit Blue Hole, but a few other couples did and they raved about it. I wish that we had found out about this place prior to the day before our departure, because we would have definitely taken advantage of this excursion. I know they arranged for a taxi with the front desk, and the cost to get in was only $10. They said it was absolutely beautiful! I will absolutely be doing this next year!

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    I was down at Riu Ocho Rios several years ago and met a tour guide there. His name is Chris Linton ( - I'm a travel agent and have had many clients use his services for tours! He's an awesome guy - he will take you to the Blue Hole. My husband and I are staying at CSS this coming Sunday for a week and he will be taking us there as well - looking forward to it

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    I haven't visited Blue Hole, but please don't let someone talk you out of going to Dunn's River Falls. If you do your research you can go on a day that the cruise ships are not in port. Those are the super busy days. And as far as getting harrassed......all you have to say is "no thanks" and keep walking. In fact if I remember correctly, you could by pass going thru the shopping part.

    Dunn's River Falls is truly an experience. They will take pictures of you, with your own camera, while you climb. Some of these pictures are truly spectacular because they pose you under water falls, etc. I still have the picture framed of my husband and I from our honeymoon in 1998. It's a classic.

    Have your own experience and get your own impression of Dunn's River. Just don't go on the cruise port days. It's it, you'll love it!

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    sprovost - My husband and I get to Sans Souci on Friday. Would you be willing to share the Blue Hole experience? I never heard of it before - we are intrigued!!! We definitely want to get out and about more this trip.

    Megan & Phil

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    this may help with cruise dates (not sure if this is a comprehensive guide or not) - Cruise TT : Your Cruise Ship And Port Timetable - Schedule for the Port Of Ocho Rios for January 2014

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    sprovost - Please post a review of your visit to the Blue Hole and Sans Souci when you return! Hope you have a great trip.
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    I am so happy you posted this! I hadn't heard about Blue Hole so I looked up the reviews and pictures and it is exactly the kind of thing my hubby and I would love! I didn't see anything about prices. Does this cost anything to visit or just the transportation? How much should I set aside for this awesome adventure?? We go to CSS in February so I hope you will post a review when your been there!

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    If you hear someone calling out "Megan and Phil!", it will be me! We usually hang around the beach - the main one. My name is Sophie and my husband is Serge. Where are you guys from?

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    Jan - Chris has taken clients of mine as well as a colleague here at work to the Blue Hole - they absolutely loved it! Not "touristy" like Dunn's River. The road is a little rough getting there but worth it. And my husband and I have stayed at CSS 2 1/2 years ago and had a wonderful time that's why we're going back! The food, the staff, the grounds, the atmosphere - loved everything about it! The rooms are a little dated - but really, how much time do you spend in the room?

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    google youtube videos of the Blue Hole Ocho Rios

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    The Blue Hole is a local natural swimming hole along the White river. We were there many years ago. We were not aware that it is now a tourist destination - rather sad that there's now a charge for it and that it has been taken over by a tour company. However, if you travel along the river, there are many beautiful similar spots.

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    We have thought about going, just not sure if we will get there this trip! Megan if you need another couple, look us up, we might be able to go with you guys! -Brenda

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    I'm so glad I just saw this thread!! The hubby and I are usually in Negril. We are going to CSS for the first time next week and I will definately look into this! I've been to Dunn's river with my ex and did NOT enjoy the atmosphere.
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    Blue hole is excellent.

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