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    Default CSA the place for fitness junkies?

    Hi all,
    We just returned from CSS for our 15th anniversary and had a grand time. We've decided to go back to Couples in 3 years and are thinking either CSA or CN for the beaches. We are a bit into the foodie / exercise / health side of life (you know, one of "those" people). We're not freaks about it but thought at first glance CSA might be a great place to try. Don't get me wrong, we loved CSS for the layout and beauty of being on a hillside ... just wondering about a different flavor next time.



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    Yes! CSA has a quite large sports complex and a great long beach for running.

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    CSA hands down....if somebody has a better sports complex on the island Id like to see it

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    Absolutely, best gym facilities on the island.

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    Easily the best on the island and may beat some in the states. We use it every morning prior to breakfast and the beach.

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    We work out everyday when we are on vacation, too. Just the way we are. We've also been to both CSA and CSS. While I liked the little workout room at CSS, the facility at CSA is so much bigger. The one difference is that the fitness room at CSA is open air and there are no TVs like at CSS (and the CSS fitness room has a better view). At CSA, there are 10 tennis courts, a basketball court, squash and racquetball courts, spinning room, and a yoga/pilates room. There is also a large lap pool in the sports complex at CSA. We loved working out in the morning, showering off in the locker room, then swimming a few laps and then soaking in the jacuzzi next to the lap pool (something we never have time to do in our daily lives). Also, there is a lovely jogging trail in the sports complex at CSA (although it's hard to beat the jogging trail at CSS that winds around the pond for the view).

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    I read somewhere that it is the largest resort sports complex in the Caribbean.

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    Its a 10 acre facility with something for everyone. We used everymorning, we had a ritual. The continental breakfast would be delivered to us around 630 or so, we would have some coffee, juice and banana bread and walk to the fitness center. Some days I would walk w my girl and use the monkey bar type obstacles located around the walking track. Its a great way to break up a walk.

    I used the gym one day and it was nice, its open air so get there early. There was a nice indoor facility for yoga and other classes, we didnt try it out though. There is also a lap pool, a really nice one. The best part is after the workout we would grab a smoothie at the smoothie bar and catch up on sports scores on the big screen that was always on ESPN. I would then finish with a two mile run on the beach and a swim. I would be good with just the run and the swim if not for the gf! She liked the walking portion before the run and wouldnt swim for a workout.

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    Sports complex is awesome. A mango smoothie after a nice workout was our little reward...We enjoyed it almost everyday we were there.

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    I love the sports complex at CSA...but I don't recall seeing a rowing machine. I'm kinda diggin the rowing now. Can anyone remember seeing one?

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    We've always been curious about CSS, but we keep going back to CSA. The main reason being the sports complex (although that fantastic miles long beach is an important factor too). It's not just everything that is offered at the sports complex (we mainly use the tennis courts), but the whole atmosphere. We just love it.

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    We are also fitness junkies and have stayed at both CSS and CSA. While I loved the view and air conditioning at CSS we think the facilities at CSA are the best. The gym is open air (aka hot and sweaty) but they have tons of fans and wonderful equipment. They actually have cybex arc trainer ellipticals which are my favorite. They have weight training equipment, nautilus, and have expert visitor instructors for yoga and other classes. My hubby loves running on the jogging path, and there are tons of tennis courts (with pros available) as well as racquetball and squash courts, and a wonderful pool for laps. CSA is a fitness lovers resort! As others mentioned, the sports bar is awesome with smoothies and other healthy (and non-healthy) beverages. There is also a full service spa and sports bar in this area. Fun to play ping pong and pool!

    We are going back for our 9th visit in January and cannot wait!!

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    Plenty of classes both in a gym setting (spinning) and on the beach (yoga / abs). They have guest instructors who are often quite good, and the resident trainers are also awesome (and will develop a program for you to use while there).

    If you love tennis (or are interested in learning), there are free lessons and free use of the courts.

    There's also a racquet ball court.

    The only potential drawback(s) are:
    A) Classes seem to be offered mid-morning. We like to work out first thing (early) and then spend our day on the beach.
    B) The gym itself is open-air, so we typically work out at about 5:30AM - which is nice, because we're typically the only ones there until about 6:15 when people start straggling in. Later in the day and you're dealing with some pretty significant heat and humidity.

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    Wow thank you everyone! I can see us doing a similar ritual as was mentioned - bfast early in the room and then to the workout before the day's heat comes on. We did that a few times at CSS, early bfast, workout then got to Pallazina for the end of the bfast hours and then relaxed after that. We are definitely morning workout people, wait too late into the day (especially at Couples) and there's no chance I'll leave the lounger to do much of anything

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    Just got back from CSA and it is our favorite. The Sports Complex is the best and biggest on the island. We played tennis on clay courts almost every day. My friend took the beach yoga class and loved it! Also, CSA has Seagrapes which is a great healthy place to eat. And, you can walk/run the beach! Go to CSA, you will love it.

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