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    We love CSS. We've been 3 times. We have never done Negril. Has anyone ever done 5 days Negril and the 5 days Css? Thoughts? Experiences?

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    After 2 visits to CSS we did a split (CSA/CSS) of 5 days each. Split stays are a great way to take one long vacation but feel like you've gotten two. Just when one resort has gotten to feel "normal" the change to another resort kind of "restarts" the vacation with more exploring ahead. There is about a 2.5 hour transit between the Ochi and Negril resorts that Couples provides (though some that can afford it do it quicker using TimAir). We tend to do our splits on the same side of the island to reduce the time taken out of our vacation for transfer. In a nutshell, for a long stay (+8 days total) we recommend it!!

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    Never done it but would love to, thats enough time so I say go for it !

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    Hi Katie3876! We are pretty much in the same boat as you! We have done 7 trips to CSS and have decided to branch out to Negril! We are doing a split stay in 2014--7 days CN and 7 days CSS! Looking forward to hearing the insights from those who have done a split between CN and CSS!

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    Yes and we are doing it again this year. Just make sure that you get an early transfer from CSS to CN (or the reverse) and you really won't lose out on too much travel time. Now I would not necessarily reccommend this for a first visit but we have been going to Couples for over 10 years, so for us seeing both sides of the island in one trip is a real treat--- we don't do it every time, as lately we have fallen in love with CTI and stay put there, but it has been a few trips since visiting Negril and this trip will be our 10th anniversary vacation, we are going to do the split trip!!

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    Hi, we are die hard CN fans but in April we decided we would try CSS/CN split, we could only do a total of 7 days...3 nights at CSS and 4 at CN...the ride wasn't bad at all. Highly suggest an early morning transfer on Sunday, I think we left CSS at 9, we had a nice clean newish van and a wonderful responsible driver who talked when we wanted him to but noticed when we decided to snooze and was quiet. We liked CSS it is beautiful but boy did we miss our home at CN! You might want to finish your vacay with your home you something to look forward to! I don't know if you visit the AN facilities but CSS blows CN away as far as that is concerned. Jenny

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    We're spoiling ourselves this Christmas/New Year as it's my husband's special birthday and we're spending three weeks, split between CSS (our first time) and Negril (our 3rd time). We're so looking forward to the holiday and can't wait to 'go home'. Any tips for spending time at Couples over the festive season would be much appreciated, please
    Huge thanks

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    Thanks everyone. I can't wait to go home (CSS) and to visiting CN.

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