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    Default few more questions...

    1. How is the wifi down on the beach at CN near the wedding area?
    2. Does anyone have an opinion about using club Mobay? We are arriving 11/27/13 Wednesday at about 1130am. Is it worth it? Last time we were in line for about 1 1/2 without it.
    3. How are the renovations coming along? What phase will they be at by the time we arrive?
    Thanks so much

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    I booked MoBay for a Saturday arrival and departure.

    I looked at it this way, I basically spent $5000 so why not ensure my swift movement once my flip flops hit the island! If the airport is not crowded, it would have been a waste.

    $160 is just 3.2% of the cost of my trip.

    I expect the departure to be crowded as well so I ensure I have time buying coffee and some duty free booze on my way out and need not stress out if the shuttle is late or we held up in traffic.

    I also look at the whole trip from the time I leave my house to the time I get back in it to be part of the trip. Leave plenty of time, bring good healthy snacks for the trip, water, and a good book! Since MoBay can reduce my time in the airport and save time at a reasonable cost, then Im good.

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    We always arrive on Friday afternoons and I have stood in the Immigration line for hours before backing up the ramp. Now that Mobay arrival is an option, I will use it every time. The way I see it, if I book it and get there and there is no line, oh well it wasn't that much money in the grand scheme of things. But if I don't book it, I get there and have to spend 2hrs in Immigration and watch a few others zip right past me because I decided to roll the dice, it would be quite irritating to know that it could have all been avoided for a minimal fee.

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    Just my 2 cents here... We just returned from CSA on a Saturday to Saturday trip, arrived at MBJ around 11:30 or so and were in the Couples lounge by 11:50, customs and immigration were basically empty. On the departure our flight left at around 10:50, check in and security took a combined 15 minutes maybe?! I have seen a lot of debate on the MB about it and I am sure the time of year plays into it as well but we would only consider doing the departure MoBay services for the food and drinks. On arrival you still have to wait for your bags, wait for the rest of the travelers also going to Couples to get on the bus, etc. Why rush? Let the island time kick in right away and relax! By all means though to each their own! One love!

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    thank you Bargamon! we waited in line at airport forever the last time!!!

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    Thank you Kyle

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    Our first time to Jamaica the airport was a nightmare on arrival...took forever!! If we are in Jamaica I want to enjoy it not waste the day away in line at an airport. My gut says to go with MoBay!

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    I just made a post about the wifi at CN in another thread but I'll add to this one too.

    (Disclaimer, I'm a software and network specialist)

    We were there last Christmas and the wifi was pretty good.
    Great signal in the rooms, pretty good around the pool and bars and decent towards the back end of the beach.
    If you walk past the wedding area and hook right, we were sitting near that first section of chairs and I was able to get online with my Android tablet fine. I was able to Skype with family, make FB posts and listen to Pandora without too many issues so the wedding area should be okay.

    Bear in mind this will all depend the device you are using. My Android Asus Transfomer Prime has been tweaked and hacked a bit so my experience may not be the same as the typical user.

    Heck if anything you could bring a travel router and 20 ft of Ethernet cable with you and then ask someone in the a room closest to the wedding area if you could borrow their connection for a few minutes. LOL

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    Thank you so much! we are not computer or tech savvy at all lol.

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