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    Default Last minute advice for newbies?!?

    Ok, so hubby and I are down to less than 2 weeks, can't wait to get to the SDD! We are headed to CSS for our first Couples experience, celebrating our 25th anniversary. I have loved all the information gleaned from this message board, thank you to everyone who takes time to respond to our questions and concerns.

    If anybody has any last minute advice, must "do's", must "try's", or whatever .... I would love to read about it.

    We have booked a Penthouse, plan on getting a couples massage with some of our credits, and I think since it's a once in a lifetime trip I will purchase the Club Mobay arrival and departure tickets.

    Soon we will "go and know" ...
    CSS Oct. 2013

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    Allow sand gravity to take hold, and DON'T FIGHT IT!!!

    Relax and enjoy!

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    Congrats I'm excited for you, we did the private dinner in the wedding gazebo, very nice. Try some rum creme on the rocks and have a great trip! Review when you return please

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    Enjoy the journey as well as the destination! Time traveling is time away from the office and the daily routine. Good book, good conversation, and if thats hard, take a good medication to get you there!

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    It must be so exciting for you guys! It is a given that you will fall in love all over again (with each other and with CSS!). If you haven't already decided to try it out, or are not already seasoned AN'ers then please do go to SSB early in your trip. If you have any doubts or insecurities (we all do for the first time) please read the thread linked below and it will allay any fears. Take a few draughts of liquid courage and go early in your vacation.

    Have a great time and if you do try AN and love it (or hate it!) please put feedback on the thread so that others can benefit from your experience, positive or otherwise.

    Ya mon!

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    One of the favorite things I did at CSS was take an afternoon and swim in all the pools, take a dip in all the hot tubs, and grab a drink from every bar. It sounds kinda silly, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default just a bit more advice...

    Brenda... 25, wow, that's a biggie. Good choice to celebrate at Sans Souci! A few more things... walk the resort on your first full day. It is an amazing place and to feel what you are surrounded by will add richness to your stay. Smile, make eye-contact and talk to the staff. They are wonderful. There seems to be a mutual respect between guests and staff that I bet is not always there at other resorts. I like that. Eat at all the restaurants at least once (including on the sand at Bella Vista). Swim at all the pools and dip in the mineral grotto down below your penthouse. Try some tropical treats at the juice bar by the mineral pool. If you are physically active, do Dunns River Falls (it's included, you will need water shoes). And as Murtle said, visit Sunset Beach. You may "expose yourself" to something amazing and liberating in this overly "electronified" world.

    Have a great trip!

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    Thanks everyone! We have booked a private dinner in the Gazebo, still working on getting hubby to "try" SSB, if he chooses no, it will be ok! ColoradoJuli I love that idea! I might do that with hubby, just a cute memory thing!

    10 more sleeps!

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