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    I am not a smoker but I am curious. How does CSA accommodate smokers? Are smokers allowed to smoke anywhere they want, i.e. restaraunts, pools, etc. or are there designated smoking areas?

    Are they allowed to smoke in their rooms?

    Does CSA inquire if guests are smokers and then try to put those who are in rooms near each other?

    I hope that this post does not offend anyone, I am simply curious.

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    I am not a smoker either...and I will say that I don't remember being bothered by smoke at any time in any of our 4 previous trips to Couples.

    CSA does accommodate smokers and as I recall, there are no designated smoking sections in any areas of the resort. They can smoke in the restaurants, pools and on the beaches. However, all of the restaurants are open-air (except Feathers, where I don't think smoking is allowed) so smoke really isn't an issue unless someone is right next to you. If this is the case and you want to problem mon! You probably won't see many people smoking in the pools unless they are at the swim-up bar and the beach is huge, so you will definitely be able to find an area that is free of smokers.

    Guests are allowed to smoke in their rooms, but I believe most only do so on the balconies. I say that only because I have never smelled smoke in the rooms. Of course, Couples does a good job of minimizing things in the rooms that would hold onto the smoke odor (like heavy drapes).

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    Hi sbwppines,
    I don't think anyone would be offended by your questions. I'm not sure I can answer your questions completely, but I'll give it a shot.
    As a smoker, I do know that all of the restaurants are definitely non-smoking, and trust me, I think this is a great thing. Despite being a smoker, I cannot stand other people smoking while I eat. My DH doesn't smoke, so I never smoke in our hotel room, I figure I don't smoke in the house, so same rule applies. We stayed in the GHVS and I would smoke on the verandah.
    There were ashtrays by the pool and beach chairs, but I never noticed many smokers. As a true test, I just asked my DH, who hates cigarette smoke, and he says he never noticed smoke and there weren't many smokers there.
    I hope that helps,

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    People are allowed to smoke where ever thay want except resturants. Indoor food establishments are non-smoking. Open are have smoking sections...All rooms are smoking but they do not have any smoke smell. You will be fine No problem!

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    There are no non-smoking rooms. Folks can smoke anywhere outdoors, but I believe they can not smoke in the restaurants.

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