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Thread: NFL at CSA?

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    Default NFL at CSA?

    My husband and I are going to CSA Oct. 13-20. We are both huge football fans. I know that the sports bar has a TV. Do they show NFL games on Sunday?

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    They do BUT there is only 1 TV (large flat screen) so whoever is there first usually gets the game of their choice.

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    We are huge fans as well & had the TV all to ourselves at nite!

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    Do not count on the TV at the sport bar. It is like No1conner said, first there get choice and we were there one fall and there was a big football game but NASCAR was the choice.
    FYI-Margaritaville is a short 10 min walk down the beach. I understand they show a lot of football on Sundays.

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    I'd have to poke my eyes out if I had to watch

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    I think that I will poke my eyes out also if I had to watch Hopefully I will luck out because I have the 4:15pm (Pats fan). My husband is a Steeler fan and has a 1:00pm game. It may be a very long day at Margaritaville If we have to choose one game over the other I will win because it falls on my b-day!

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    if you have a room in the Verandah catagory or one in the greathouse they have TV's with the major networks and ESPN.


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    No sunday ticket, so you are going to be watching whatever the Miami CBS and Fox stations are playing.

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