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Thread: Laptop in room?

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    Default Laptop in room?

    First of all I can't remember if there is wifi in the rooms. But secondly, we would like to bring one, so we can download pictures (my wife will take 2000) and to keep in touch with the children and such. I know it won't fit in the safe, but is the computer gonna be safe in the room? We didn't have any trouble last few times with an expensive camera or money and phones, but I have heard of people complaining some of their belongings were stolen.

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    We just got back and I left my laptop everyday on the counter plugged in. Never a was always there when i came back. I have a 17" laptop that does not fit in safe but my wife's ipad did. As for the longer a is painfully slow! September is kind of a working vacation for me and have to keep in touch with the office. I got on at 5 am or after 5 pm so I could have the faster speed. Once everyone starting getting up and using it it slowed down dramatically! I mentioned it to Karen at repeaters dinner that I would have to cancel working vacations in Sept there because of slow wifi. She said they knew of the problem and were trying to work on an upgrade. April is still totally for relaxation so i don't care about wifi then but am going to check it out in April when I am there.

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    Not sure which resort, but I have brought my laptop the last few years we have been to CSS and have never had a problem. It did not look like they even touched it. If you are concerned maybe put it inside a suitcase while you are out of the room.

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    Never had an issue with this. Just leave in a piece of luggage or something.
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    i left my laptop out every day, I did put the ipad and other small things in the safe. Not sure which resort you are visiting but the safe was pretty spacious at CTI

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    Which resort, although I think all the resorts have wifi throughout.

    As for the computer being safe, during our last trip to CTI, we took my laptop along (thought we might watch some movies, never did) which is a rather large 17" screen. Obviously it wouldn't fit in the safe. So we set it up on a shelving unit in the closet where we could plug it in. Never got moved by the staff.

    I think that you shouldn't have to worry, and if you do think you'd be more comfortable with it locked up, I'd suggest inquiring if you can have the front desk lock it up in the mornings (not sure if they'd do this, though)


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    Not sure which resort but, we took our laptop and it fit in the safe. We used wifi pretty much every where at CN without too much trouble. Never felt worried about security but then again our camera and laptop were either with us or in the safe.

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    Where you staying? I took my laptop top CSA and used it everyday. The WiFi was pretty weak as we were at the far end, but it worked good enough to check email etc.

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    We have fit our laptop in the safe no problem.

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    I personally would not leave valuables out in my hotel room anywhere in the world. If you have one of the smaller modern laptops, they will fit in the safe. Otherwise, I would bring some secure luggage to lock valuables up in.

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    It would be a risk. You have been lucky but maybe next time you won't be. It's a decision only you can make.

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    We kept a laptop in our room at CSS. There is wifi. Nothing missing.

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    Have taken laptop to CSS in past but recently only take iPad (to use as eReader and for Internet and e-mail etc,) ... Never a security problem. If the only reason to take computer is to download photos, perhaps consider using computers at resort and download camera to computer then save to USB or other device. Just a thought - Enjoy!

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    Why tempt fate? If you know your laptop, etc. won't fit in the safe, then just get a TSA lock for your luggage and use it to store your larger valuables when you get to your resort. Easy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Why tempt fate? If you know your laptop, etc. won't fit in the safe, then just get a TSA lock for your luggage and use it to store your larger valuables when you get to your resort. Easy!
    X2. We brought a netbook that would fit in the safe and it went in there along with all our valuables whenever we left the room.

    Having had something taken from our room in the past I would neither tempt fate nor the staff who prepare your room every day.

    If you want to bring something larger than the safe, they do make portable, lockable "safe" cases which you can cable lock to the furniture. However the TSA lock approach is very easy and can be done discreetly.

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    Thanks for all the replies. CSA is where we are going. Oddly enough, nothing of ours has ever been stolen, but 2 different times, something was stolen out of our room on the last day of our trip. One time is was a vase, and the other I can't remember, but both times they pulled us into a room and searched through all of our luggage making sure we didn't steal it. A little embarrassing and inconvenient, but we just chalked it up to our housekeeping wasn't happy with not getting a monetary tip. No problems all week, then an hour after check out we were interrogated.
    I like the lock on the luggage idea. I think I will pack a small lock to keep things secure in our suitcase when not in the room.

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    We just got back from CSA. Hubby takes a netbook, I take a kindle fire, iPad, iPod and we both take iPhones to use as cameras and for music. We leave all of them laying out in plain view in our worries!

    The signal is iffy... Great at 6:00 a.m.

    Use the csa1 router if you can... It's the better of the teo

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    I have a Kensington lock for my laptop, you can lock it around furniture, Very Inexpensive

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    We went to CN last year and my wife took her 17" laptop and we took both our Android tablets.
    Her lappy wouldn't fit in the safe either but she usually just put it in her luggage.
    The tablets would fit in the safe but were left out a few times whilst charging but we never had any issues.

    The wifi at CN was pretty good.
    Great signal in the room, decent signal by the pool and bars, and if you sit near the back rows of chairs on the beach you can even get signal down there which was great for Skyping with family (Merry Christmas! How's the snow? Look we're on a beach! Suckers!).

    Of course this all depends on the device you are using as well.
    I tweaked my tablet's antennae and did a couple of other hacky things to it (I'm a software and network specialist) so that may have been the reason I got better signal at the beach but I didn't ask any of the other guests to compare.

    We're heading down for Christmas again this year and if I remember I'll run some speed tests at various locations and post the results on the board.
    Really, I'm just hoping that something techy breaks while we're there and I get to fix it. Then they can give me an IT job and we'll never have to leave

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanixlabs View Post
    Really, I'm just hoping that something techy breaks while we're there and I get to fix it. Then they can give me an IT job and we'll never have to leave
    Get in line, please.

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    Put the laptop in the suitcase with a lock on it. If your worried sick, leave it at home.

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    Default No Problem

    We have left laptops, iPads, and iPhones in our room to charge, never a problem, use the safe for wallets and cash and jewelry as you would anywhere else in the world , and enjoy! P.S. 18 visits to CSA

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