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    Default 4pm Wedding and Beach Reception~CSA April, 2014

    Hey Everyone!

    So glad that I found this message board on the CWA website! I feel like I have so many questions to ask regarding my upcoming wedding next April but not sure who I should be asking!

    One thing I was wondering-- Has anyone had a 4pm wedding then a reception on the beach to immediatly follow? If so, can you share some insite? What was it like? What did it look like? How was the food? How was the music? We are having a DJ- What does he play? Any last, do you have any pictures you could share with me!?!? The resort sent me one, but I am looking to see a few more!

    Any other brides who could give some CSA weding advice or details, I would love to hear!

    Thank you so much!


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    Hi Natalie, congrats on you upcoming wedding. When is it? We'll be there April 18-25. We got married on the beach almost 10 years ago and had sn awesome time, thinking of a vow renewal in April. The beach is gorgeous and have seen many cocktail receptions on the beach. It was just the two of us so we had ours upstairs in the Palms as the gardens were too wet. I can send you pics of the beach and resort if you like. Have fun planning!

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