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    Default Vow Renewal-what about rings?

    So we got married at csa in 04, best day ever. I asked Jim if he would want to renew our vows in April. He said yes! I was a little surprised . This last 10 ten years flew by. This might be a dumb question but do you exchange rings again? Use your old rings? Buy anniversary rings? I just turned 50 last month and Jim bought me a nice ring so I think I would feel a little gyilty . Any advice would help, thank you.

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    When we had our vow renewal we had the minister bless our rings. New rings would be nice but we couldn't get past the sentiment value to replace them

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    Thanks red, thats a great idea!

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    Great post...... Didn't even think of the rings until I saw this posting of yours softall19. I think "redinthehead" had a good answer, we will do the same. Thanks!

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    Redinthehead, when the minister blessed your rings, were they on your fingers? Our are kind of snug and hard to get on and off easily

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    Minister blessed our rings as well as we were holding hands, rings on our fingers.

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    After 15 years I understand, we kept ours on. Here is a picture.Name:  rsz_1rsz_jamaica_2012_vicky_081[1].jpg
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Size:  35.1 KB one of our favorite one from that day.

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    Very nice, thank you , now to find a dress

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    Good luck and best wishes. Post some pics.

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    We renewed our vows on our 30th anniversary and bought new rings for the ceremony. We really upgraded her ring ALOT so it was the perfect time to give it to her.
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