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    Default October 5th-12th, 2013 coming home to csa to renew our vows...yippppeeeee

    We will be a group of 5 couples.......

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    Hey! Hopefully you'll see this. We will be at CSA from October 4th-12th. We have 4-5 couples coming with us too! We aren't doing a vow renewal, but it will be the first time going to a Couples Resort with friends. We are so looking forward to our trip. It's been a couple years. Maybe we'll see you there.

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    The 12th is our anniversary, will be 11 this year. And we are flying in on that day, so we will just miss you. I look forward to hearing about your trip!

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    We are coming to CSA for the first time Oct 9-16th! We are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 12th as well!

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    Definately Margi!!! Looking forward to this trip. Where are you flying from? Let's keep in contact and try to have cocktails at one of the bars!!!!!

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    Double digits are here!!!!!!

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    My husband and I will be there the 6th thru the 13th. Love to meet up for a drink - we will buy a round even!

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    We will be there Oct 5-12 as well. This time we are traveling with a total of 8 couples. We celebrate our 13th anniversary 10/7.

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    Looking forward to meeting all these groups!

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    Will be at CSA October 9-16. Were there the second week of October in 2008 and 2009. So excited to be there again, it's been awhile! Hoping to see some " October Regulars" we have met in the past. Can't wait to be "Home" again. Margi have I met you on one of our trips? Your name sounds familiar to me. 56 six days and counting!!!!!

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    We are on the Calendar now.....Renewal of the Vows will be on the 9th 11am!!!!!!

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    Hey Everyone! We aren't too far away. Lonraynger, not sure if we met, but we were supposed to meet up with a group at CSA in 2010, but a tropical storm diverted us to CTI that week.

    We should pick a night for all of us to hang at Aura Night Club or something. My husband and I are traveling with 3 other couples. So, what do you guys think?

    deadluvor, one of the couples going is renewing their vows on October 9th too! It's their anniversary that day. Too cool.

    See all of you soon!

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    Very CooL!!! We have a group of 8 this year. Definitely lets plan for a night!!!! Our 11th anniversay is actually 9/21.. I want to do the Jerk Chicken tour as well...but this is not my first rodeo and I know better...I am a huge fan of sand gravity. But we are on the One Love Bus on the 9th as well.

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    Here we are folks!!!! ICANBALL.....were are you traveling from and what time landing? We may all be on the same bus from the airport. We land about 215pm..

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    Single Digit Dance.......Yah Mon!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadluvor View Post
    Single Digit Dance.......Yah Mon!!!!!!
    We are flying in from Detroit. We land around 2:15 as well.

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    My fiance and I are getting married in Nashville on October 5th and we'll be making our first trip to CSA Oct. 7-14th. We'd love to get to know everyone while we're there. We'll be the young couple laying out on the beach all day taking Bob Marley shots

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    Congrats to you RSobieralski! Looking forward to a great week on the ROCK...WE will be the couple renewing our vows on WEDNESDAY the 9th at 11am.....on the beach....

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