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Thread: Dec 5 - 12

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    Default Dec 5 - 12

    We have been to Couples Negril three times (again in February), but are heading to Tower Isle for our anniversary - 8 years!

    We love Couples Negri - so we are hoping we will love the remodeled Tower Isle as much.

    Anyone else here during that time?

    Mark & Jen

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    We will be arriving on the 5th also and leaving on the 12th also! We got married in CN last year, so we are trying out CTI for our one year celebration!

    Mike & Jen

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    sassyf35-just curious are you flying non-stop out of DTW?

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    Default hi

    Yes....we are flying non stop out of detroit? You too? We are live near Grand Rapids Michigan

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    Yep we will be on the same flight--we are from kalamazoo---we have a pic on the couples at couples thread!

    See you then!

    Mike and Jen

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    Ronda and Doug from northeast Ks. We will also be there from Dec. 5-12. We have been to CSS once and this will be our second time to CTI. We're anxious to see the changes and can't wait to spend time on the island. See you all soon.

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    Default hey guys

    We are excited about going as well! First time at this couples and we are excited...and a little nervous....about the island, but we are going to give it a try...i

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    This is our first time to CTI we've been to CSS four times. Looking forward to the island. Were ariving on Dec 7 to 14

    Jan & Charlie

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    Default 12/9 - 12/13

    New to Couples! Ready for fun and sun!!! ...... Captain Morgan sereved at the resort? Anyone have any suggestions on what to wear to the Sat. night Gala? ............. CAN'T WAIT TO GET TO JAMAICA! 4 KIDS AND NON-STOP CHAOS HERE!! COCTAILS AND BEACH, HERE WE COME!!!

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    Well everybody we're down to 16 days!! We've been tanning and I think I will pack tonight. Carry-ons only for us. Hope to meet you there.
    Ronda and Doug

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