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    Can anyone tell me if buying cigarettes in Jamaica is possible and if they sell kool milds. If so are they cheaper?

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    Cigarettes are cheap at the airport. You are allowed 2 cartons to bring into the country of Jamaica. Smoke those then buy some on the way home. Yes they have Kools but not sure about kool milds.
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    Take them with you, unless your from Canada. They are not cheaper. Can't tell you brands, here in Ohio they are around $5 a pack and there they are $7 or higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbuldog View Post
    Can anyone tell me if buying cigarettes in Jamaica is possible and if they sell kool milds. If so are they cheaper?
    We dont really leave the resort much so im not sure what the stores and gas stations have...but the gift shop at CSS has smokes...but we are bringing our own from home. Seems like i remember mostly off brands...

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    they are expensive and not made in the U.S. I haven't seen kool milds. you may get some cheaper at duty free when you land. you can bring 1 carton per person with you.
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    Yes, smokes are available pretty much anywhere, including at the resorts. Although, for menthol, CN only had Salem last time we were there. I do applaud your choice. when I was in my early 20s and used to smoke, Kool Milds were my go-to, and I was the only one I knew who liked them at that time.

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    Doubt they Kools but they are 9 bucks in the gift shops and 12 bucks on the street, bring your own.. Mostly Marlboros

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    If you're particular about your brand, bring your own. Those sold overseas are normally a different (lower) quality then when sold in the states, Canada, and Europe. Also there is a good chance what you buy overseas is counterfeit and not even close to what you're used to smoking.

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    You'll primarily find Marlboro variants and local stuff. Bring your own.

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    The only kind I saw was marb menthol lights. Cost was $10!

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    Not sure if they sell Kools. At CTI they use to have a vending machine in the play room however cigarettes were a lot more expensive than the states. We both quit smoking several years ago so have not paid attention during our last couple of trips.

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    You can buy cigarettes in Jamaica, however, they are expensive.

    My husband usually buys a carton of cigarettes duty free in the states on our way down to Jamaica that way he has enough to get thru the trip (and it is cheaper that way).

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    Duty free is extremely cheap!!! ON our departure Saturday I saw 3 carton specials of Marlboro for $78 dollars!!!! That is extremely cheap for most places in the US. Now, they are not made in the states and in years past after running out of the ones I brought I purchased them off resort and there was a significantly different taste... Just my opinion though!!!

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    you can always find mr. Ciiiiiiiiiiiigarrrrrrrrretttes! on the beach at CSA...

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