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    Default CSS Penthouse Suites? Noisy at night?

    Can someone please tell me which building the Penthouse Suites are in at CSS?

    Wondering if they're close to the lobby and if they can hear the Balloon Bar rocking all night, or if you can hear the noises in the trees at night.

    We stayed in a One Bedroom Beachfront last time, and though it was noisy on the special banquet nights, the rest of the week it was wonderful to sit out and listen to the sounds of the night on our balcony.

    CN 2009, CSS 2013, CN 2014 - can't wait, and probably CSS 2015.

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    Hi benandmiranda! Hubby and I love the Penthouse Suites, but must admit the PH's in E Block can be pretty noisy--particularly E-12 since one side of the balcony overlooks the Balloon Bar Terrace! The trade off is you have beautiful unobstructed views out to sea over the Mineral Pool! You can also hear the festivities on the Main Lawn from the PH's in D Block if you are in D12 The Steve McQueen Suite or D20 The Roger Moore Suite because the balconies face the Main Beach. The noise usually dies down around 11pm and you should have a peaceful evening. Have a wonderful trip!!

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    We're at CSS now in Penthous E11. Yes one night the noise was really loud, but we were tired and fell asleep. The other nights not as loud. I think that one night was a special night at the balloon bar patio. I love the view out looking straight out over the fitness center without any tress blocking the view.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Rich and SuzyQ!! Much appreciated... thinking next time we'll try a penthouse room.

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    I can echo that about E12 - we were just there in Sept and the Showtime nights kept us up. We asked to move and were given a PH in D block, I liked the room better although not as nice views. I'd go back to D block again. It was quiet - and still a decent view.

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    Hi benandmiranda! I only answred part of your question! My apologies! The buildings that have PH Suites are: Block C-C-8 the Pavarotti Suite. It is huge! 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a full kitchen. The balcony is small--it has a table with 4 chairs and a double lounger--it looks out over the main beach but the view is somewhat obstructed by palm trees. D Block has 2 PH Suites that face the main beach--D14 The Steve McQueen Suite and the Roger Moore Suite D20. There are also 2 PH Suites that have unobstructed views out to sea-- the Angela Bassett and the Harry Belafonte Suite. The Prime Minister's Suite is D13 but it is its own category and comes at a premium price. There are 4 PH Suites in E Block that have unobstructed views out to sea over the Mineral Pool and can be noisy as I said in my previous post. I used to stress and worry about what PH we were going to get but with trip #9 coming up in July 2014, I don't worry anymore and just enjoy CSS! I hope your next trip is awesome!!!!

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    I have to agree about the E block penthouses. We really hated ours! More annoying than the noise was the bathroom that was smaller than the powder room in our condo and had no counter space at all. For this reason, we just booked a 1 bedroom ocean room and will be requesting F block. Our room up there was awesome!

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    E block penthouses are a bit noisy (we've stayed in both rooms on E) but we didn't mind.
    Last stay, we were in The Harry Belafonte suite in D block. Loved it! We may have heard something from the balloon bar but it wasn't annoying (again, we don't mind the bands).

    Have fun!

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    I second Marnies... the E penthouses are small. But the view.... can't beat it.

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    We have stayed in E12 twice, didn't mind the noise, since we were part of the crowd making the noise.

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