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    Default Just Returned From CTI

    Our 2nd trip to CTI in September, 6th Couples Trip, 15th stay in Jamaica

    I guess that we are taking a chance visiting Jamaica in September (Hurricane Season) but for the 2nd year in a row that our trip was perfect.

    Arrived to MBJ on Monday at 11:40 via USAirways, 20 minutes from plane to Couples Lounge and it is almost a 10 minute walk to Immigration (club mobay would have been a waste of $$) , 1 Red Stripe in the lounge and off we went, driver had us at CTI in 90 minutes with no stops

    Fast check-in, paid from Premier, upgraded to a suite. We were able to get our favorite chair at the main pool each day, no problem finding a chair in the shade on the beach, we could eat in any restaurant, no lines for anything. Someone said the occupancy was 70% but I do not think that it was near that high.

    only 20 minutes of rain in (7) days and that was the last day, otherwise the weather was perfect. (Same as last year)

    Food was great for every meal, especially Eight Rivers ( every meal there was fabulous) , service was great at all of the restaurants.

    I used the Spa and had a great massage, they asked me to fill out a comment card but I did not have my glasses and it was hard to read the comment card so I just wrote "VERY GOOD MASSAGE" and she was a little disappointed.

    We visited resorts in Mobay for a few years prior to finding Negril, then we went to Negril for about 8 trips and found CN by walking past it one day and walking up to take a look and decided to try Couples, now tCouples is our only choice. We have been to all of the four properties and we really like CTI because of the layout, great restaurants and wonderful staff.

    We met the GM again at the repeaters dinner and you see him every single day walking around the property, he is interacting with guests, picking up trash, talking to employees and he offered to go and get us a drink one day at the pool. A good GM makes for a great resort and CTI is a great resort.

    We had a 2:30 departure from Mobay and we had to leave CTI at 9:15 and it took 90 minutes to get back so we had 3.5 hours to sit, There was NO line at security, the airport has really improved since the expansion, very comfortable.

    Is CTI a 5 star resort?? Maybe not but it is well run, spotlessly clean, friendly and on our favorite Caribbean Island so we will be back next year!

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    Nice review! Did you happen to get any news on the new night club project (being installed in the old gift shop I am told) or where you can get a cappuccino or latte in the morning now that the gift shop (where you used to be able to get espresso drinks) is closed.

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    We leave on Oct.25 for our 5th stay at CTI. This will be our 1st time going during hurricane season. I am hoping it can't rain for 9 days.

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    I did not see any work going on for the new night club project. Did not ask for an espresso and did not see any machines but did have breakfast in bed

    leckkilkl, hope that you have the wonderful weather that we enjoyed.

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    Thank you drbcwp

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