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    Default Oryshia and Jeremy ~Nov. 18~

    CSA We are excited!!

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    Congratulations! We too are getting married at CSA. We are getting married the day after you guys. How long will you guys be there?


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    We will be there until the 21. Congrats on your wedding. I am sure we will see you there. cheers

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    Congratulations to you. I bet you cant wait, i know i cant as i will be getting married on the 18th too, although i will be at CN.

    Hope you have a magical day
    Kat x x

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    Congrats!! We're getting married the same day at CN!!

    only1kat, what time are you getting married?

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    We are getting married at 10am, its just me & the other half. What time are you getting married??

    Getting really excited, its not long now!!

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    Same here, its just the two of us. Right after you at 11:00am!!

    I know its getting very close!

    CONGRATS to everyone again!!

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