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    We are traveling from Montego Bay to Detroit by way of Miami in March. We have a 2 hour layover in Miami but are worried about having enough time to make our connection. Do you think there may be a problem? I've never been to the Miami airport so I don't know how large or confusing it is. Your comments are so appreciated. Thank you

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    If you speak Spanish, you will have no problem negotiating MIA. Just kidding. You can get around very quickly and two hours is plenty of time.
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    It's large but you'll be fine

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    You will have plenty of time. No need to stress.
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    It should be plenty of time. But to warn you, on busy days, it will look MUCH worse than it actually is. Last time we went through, in april, on a saturday night....had to be thousands of people. It took us almost 30 minutes of waiting in line in the hallway outside of immigration....But from landing to getting through was just under an hour. It moves fast.

    Plus they have a program for people in danger of missing connections....they will give you a special pass if they think you wont make it. Their number is posted so you can call them while you are in line.

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    Miami is a large airport, but two hours should be plenty of time to make your connection (not counting any weather delays coming out of Detroit). You can always go to the airport's website and look up the airport layout to get a feel for the airport.

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    Thank you. I feel a lot better

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    Mine is 45 minutes. I hope I have enough time to run from side to side.

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    tx4chiefs you may be cutting it tight depending on where your connection departs. You did not hear this from me, but you may want to request a wheelchair, the porter can get you through much faster. Warning, many will dislike you. Two years ago I had a torn Achilles' Tendon and had to use handicapped assistant. I was amazed how fast we went through. We live on the west coast of Florida, so we now just drive to Miami and don't worry about the time it takes to get through.

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