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    Default Dinner on the Beach- CN

    Hey everyone. My husband and I will be going to Couples Negril November 9-13 for our 1 year anniversary. So excited! We have never done a dinner on the beach before and were talking about possibly doing one this year. I was just wondering what your experiences were and is it worth the money. Thanks for your help! ~Elizabeth~

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    We did not do dinner on the beach, but did dinner in the tree house. I would absolutely recommend it. We were able to use Couples romance rewards points. It was very romantic.

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    We also have done the dinner in the tree house and would highly recommend it. The real benefit is not having to worry about sand flea bites during dinner, as we've had people tell us happened to them during dinner on the beach (of course a little bug spray around the legs can prevent this). The romantic dinners are just that "romantic"!! The staff and food are fabulous creating a priceless memory. They are affordable and worth the price to celebrate a special occasion.

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    My husband and I had dinner on the beach at CN a few years ago and loved it! We had heard about issues with bugs, but we had no problems! We were there in December. I have heard many people say they prefer the tree house and I think both would be lovely. But in my opinion, it is great to hear the waves and feel the breeze so upclose!

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    We had a dinner in the massage hut on the beach near the scuba area and it was like we were the only ones on the planet. It was a couple of years ago...they lit the walkway up with candles and torches and had music playing. It was very romantic. The menu was different then going to one of the restaurant's for that evening and the service was as always the absolute best even though she was serving another couples dinner down the beach. Depending on how windy it is...they may have three sides of the draping down so you don't see the water, but you also don't have sand in your mouth.

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