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    Default Final CSA thoughts

    We have 4 stays at this resort, including two times this year for ten nights each. You will likely not find a more tropical resort that transcends a true Caribbean feel with understated ambiance. This is not a 5-star resort, but the value for the dollar is at the top. The beach here has to rate near the top in the Caribbean. All rooms include mini-bar and free WiFi and there are also inclusive things like catamaran cruises. There are plenty of dining options. Feathers is truly a 4-5 star dining alternative. For the Thai food people there is Lemongrass. There is always the Palms alternative that ranges from the traditional beach party to theme buffet nights to some ala-carte nights. Patois is a ala carte alternative where you can get as simple as a pizza for dinner. There is the traditional beach grill for burgers etc, and a veggie type alternative called SeaGrapes open for lunch that is really quite popular. Additionally, there are 2 breakfast alternatives at Patois and Palms, plus all rooms can have room service at breakfast. There are 2 beach bars in addition to the beach swimup pool bar. There is a top notch sports complex across the street that has to be the best in Jamaica. If youre looking for an allinclusive adults only resort, it would be difficult to find a resort that prices out better than CSA.

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    Well stated. 23 days and a bag drag till we will be there.

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    I totally agree and we leave in 3 days!!! CSA rocks!

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    I couldn't agree more.

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    Good assessment. Went to Grand Lido 20 years ago in its heyday as a top property. They had the Onasis ship the "My Zen" which was a 40 foot big old boat! Was great fun and we thought a great value.

    We went to Couples Negril about a year after it was open as it was right next door to the Grand Lido. Why? That beach is fantatic!!! 10 years ago did a big family reunion trip to Beaches Negril and had a blast.

    Been happy also in Grand Cayman, PLaya Carmen and Aruba as long as I am in a "boutique" type hotel. I dislike being where there are conventions, gambling, and hi rise hotels. Been to about 15 different places over the years including two cruises. Don't care for the cruise. Took the kids on Disney for 7 nites and while it was a great ship and great experience, have no desire to go again. Once is enough! Other cruise was with a group and it was fun to be with them, but I prefer we all have gone to an all inclusive. I hate eating early and I hate the structure.

    We like to alternate between three types of trips, Touring (Asia-Europe-South America), Ski, and Carib. Usually get two in a year, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Been 10 years since last trip to Jamaica and now I play tennis so this place really speaks to what we are looking for and thats to CHILL!!! Topography, size of resort, density, foliage, Beach/water quality all matter. Im hoping enough tennis players to get some matches in besides lessons and clinic's.

    Beach to me is second only to Eagle Beach in Aruba. Bucutti hotel on eagle beach is very nice! I liked Aruba. Jamaica is the only repeat place we been besides Cancun/Playa. Some great small places but the beach is not up to Negril.

    I have been to Ritz Carletons on buisness and they are excellent but on some vacations I don't want to be dressed up, don't want the "Fine" amenities and special touches, just give me lush landscape, birds and frogs to sing to me, good fish, and no timetable! Too much airconditioning in the big hotels!

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