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    Hi Friends,

    Anyone have a room service menu they can send me a picture of?

    And, if you have it, copies of the menus from the restaurants. Just trying to get an idea of what is served for my picky husband.

    Thanks and hope to see you all there!


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    The menus of the restaurants change about every three days.
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    You can find the menus online on the couples website then go to SS it's in there somewhere. While it may vary a bit it's pretty close. I'm VERY VERY VERY picky but when I'm down there I try new things! I would encourage that to your hubby! The food is delicious! And the pasta bar at Pallazina is to die for!!!! On nights we wanted to eat in our room or on our patio we would walk down and get pasta. Everyone was always so kind and would collect a bread basket and silverware and encourage us to go to the salad bar.

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    I thought we were the only ones that did that (pasta bar back to the room) - let's keep that a secret or everyone will do it... ;-)

    My wife is a vegetarian and the pasta bar is definitely her favorite - one night she even left Bella Vista and returned with pasta bar!

    And I would agree with cm318 - they will go out of their way to accommodate you no matter what your needs are - from trying 2 different entrees, splitting entrees, pasta bar in your room, vegan - all is good...

    In addition, my wife likes to point out that they use all local produce and use less preservatives so everything has a lot more flavor - it's worth trying something new as they do not mind if you don't like it and ask for something else.

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    I had the marlin quesadillas both times i was at of the best snacks ive had in my life!

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