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    Default Our turn - sdd!!!!

    In just 9 sleeps we'll begin our 5th trip to Jamaica for 3 nights at tower island and 7 nights at San Souci

    In 1999 we got engaged at cn.

    Renewed our vows and celebrated our ten year anniversary at css in 2010.

    Returned to css in 2012.

    We usually trade places to tower island but decided to spend a few nights to enjoy dinner on the island and the nightlife.

    People have asked why we always return to Jamaica and for us it feels like home.

    I stumbled across a brochure for couples many years ago when I was looking for a special to ask my then girlfriend marry me.

    We had a wonderful time and we vowed to return soon - but kids and jobs got in the way.

    In 2007 we started going on cruises exploring other carribean countries to see if any other places called to us - in over a dozen port calls guess which was by far our favorite - Montego bay!

    Done with cruising, when it came time to celebrate our 10th and renew our vows - I didn't have to ask my wife where - we just had to pick a resort!

    CSS became our new home - don't worry CN - well be back, but for now we really love everything about CSS

    My favorite part is getting up with the sun and heading down to the mineral pool area for yoga, swimming & the sauna

    Follow that with some kayaking or paddleboard - or sailing depending in the conditions

    End the afternoon and day relaxing at ssb followed by literally any meal in any restaurant...

    That's a perfect day - except it's not even done!

    We usually walk the grounds, star gaze, maybe go for a late night swim in the mineral pool or hot tub, or sneak over to ssb! (It's funny that we all "sneak over" after hours to ssb even though it's open ;-)

    Can't wait to take it all in - the smells, the sights & sounds - everything! Even the towel fairies! All will remind me that I'm back home...

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    Have a great time! Hubby and I will be trying CSS for our first time Oct. 20th, we are Couples newbies. I can't wait for our SDD

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    is there very much difference between css and cti...we will be returning in june and I was wondering should we split up our stay..we really liked css

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    Ronnjill - we're splitting our stay this time to try out some of tower island's restaurants.

    If you haven't traded places yet I would definitely advise it first - the two resorts are different in a lot of ways and for us it's a good change of pace.

    Tower island is more social & has more nightlife but as you know - css is very intimate and beautiful.

    We want both thIs trip :-D

    (6 more sleeps)

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