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Thread: CSA split stay?

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    Been to CSA 3x. Love it! Trying to decide if we should split our May 2014 trip with another resort? We love CSA and the open air bungalow feel of the rooms, how it doesn't seem like a "hotel" patios and sea grapes are our fav dining places and we love to walk the beach but wouldn't mind being confined on CSS or tower isle if only for a couple of days. Also does anyone know if CSA added paddle boards?? Thanks for the advice from any fellow repeaters! First trip back since the twins and can't wait to have a good time !!!

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    How many days are you going for would be a big determining factor for a split stay. If you have the time do it. Plus you get your romance rewards at both resorts. We did a split last year (and God willing from now on) 4 days at CSS and 10 at CSA. It was wonderful; for everything we love about CSA there was something CSS had that we loved just as much. The transfer was just us; no stop and just under 3 hours.

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    Yes to paddle boards, tried it in April and it's really fun.
    Csa is, my favorite place on earth but did do css in 09 on the secret rendezvous. It's a gorgeous place but very different from csa. I say go for it as it's a fabulous place. I'd like to try them all myself but honey won't go to Ochie again, he just loves csa and the gorgeous beach.

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    A lot depends on how long your trip will be. Traveling from CSA to CSS or vice versa will take you between two and a half to four hours of travel time. You will probably leave the first resort mid morning which means you can't do anything other than eat breakfast at the resort you are leaving as your bags have to be packed and picked up for the trip ahead of time. Once at the second resort you will be arriving after lunch in the mid afternoon and will have missed most of the sun that day by the time you check in and get to your room that may not be available until close to 4:00 pm which is the regular check in time. Wear your bathing suit and carry some sunscreen on the trip and you can get some sun while you wait. Not really ideal though. This also does not take into account that you have to repack your bags mid trip to move to the other resort.
    If this sounds like I just did this it is because I did. We went to CTI for 4 nights and then to CSA (our favorite too!) for another 5 nights. Nine nights in Jamaica at any Couples Resort will make up for some inconveniences but we will not ever be doing this again. Once settled into any Couples Resort I suggest staying with that resort and enjoying it. Travel time is not vacation time and packing more than once sucks.

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    after 15 caribbean trips I have never booked the same resort twice. This will be my 4th trip to Negril and have been to Grand Lido 20 years ago, couples Negril, and Beaches Negril. Its basically the same stretch of beach. I just like to try different things. Also , resorts change. the Grand Lido was ranked the best all inclusive back in its day and was pricey. ONe reason we did not return and went to Couples Negril was Grand Lido had raised prices alot. We loved Couples negril and was very happy because it was more relaxed then Grand Lido at that time. I undrstand Grand Lido has been sold and in need of a renovation that they are planning.

    I have never been to Ocho Rios and it we considered it but in the end its been about 10 years since our last trip to Negril and We have never been to CSA, and I play tennis on vacation now so its a good fit. I think its a great idea to split if you have a day to travel. By that, pack up the room, wait for the shuttle that in Jamaica will be late (thats ok, just plan for it and everyting IRIE!), check out, Two hour ride, check in.....On paper might all seem simple, and if you there for for over a week it might work.

    CTI is the first All inclusive on the island, near some fun things to do in Ocho Rios, and has that Island which seems like a fun thing to experience. Its a "hotel" type property and like you said has a different feel.

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    It's always worth trying a stay at another Couples Resort as they each have their own feel. We've done this a number of times and have found that on stays of 8+ days (total) this is a nice way to have 2 vacations for the price of one. We've only once tried a split across the island (CSA/CSS) and found it took about 2.5 hours away from our vacation. Since then we've limited our split stays to the same side of the island. Enjoy your return to CSA!!

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    doing a split stay march 2014,, have been to CN 3 years ago loved it, this trip 3 nights a CSA and 4 nights at CN.. resorts are 10 min, apart so travel is not a problem, really wanted to check out the other side of 7 mile beach , also experience new restaurants,, next trip hope to split CN with CSS,, i heard if you travel on Sunday am trip is not to bad "less traffic"

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    We've done a cross island split a few times . Always used TimAir. Just a few minute ride to the airport and I think it was under 30 min. flight time.
    We looked at it as being an excursion. and enjoyed seeing the island from the plane.

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