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    Anyone with pictures of the Balloon Bar/Pool tile work or any updated pictures of SSB work, PLEASE post!!!!!!

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    Don't fret. I am here now and they are filling the pool as we speak. Looks like the deadline of October 1 is a reality. Really my only concern is the hot tub which still needs more work., they have been working all day today ( Sunday) and are doing a great job. When you get here, it should be finished. It looks great!!!

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    Update for Ssb. Right now it is 3pm, September 30.
    Just walked over to Ssb after a day at cti and I am happy to report that the pool area INCLUDING the hot tub are filled and operational. In fact, they had the hot tub running when I was there. They were treating the pool water as well. Ssb will be fully open October 1 as promised.
    Tammy it looks amazing !!! We will see you guys Thursday !!!

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    Hey Lloyd,
    Hope you and Gillian are having a good time! We are soo excited I haven't slept in 2 nights. Not worried just can't wait to see the finished product. Is Mike and Zee there yet? We'll see ya on Friday about 2pm.

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    Did they raise the tables in the pool?

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    Mike and arrived Saturday a few hours before us. The tables in the pool have been raised. See y'all tomorrow.

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