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    Default 66 days 17 hrs and 13 mins till we leave to CTI

    Can't wait and getting vert excited for our first trip to CTI. Love reading all the advise comments and how much everyone loves Couples and Jamiaca. I think we have almost everything we need but would love to hear more if anyone would like to comment. I would love to hear if anyone has what must do and what must bring. One thing my husbands Dr. told him was to get an Hepatias B shot and my insurance will not pay for me. I am wondering how many get them and how many have gone without and if they had any issues?


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    Definitely go to dunns river. The cat cruise is a must too. Headed to CTI tomorrow (yea!) for our third trip and we have never worried about a hepatitis shot.

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    No shot needed imo.

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    Also, buy some cheap water shoes for Dunns river.

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    Try all the restaurants make the appropriate reservations upon arrival. Don't worry you can cancel if it doesn't fit your schedule. Don't miss the gala on the front lawn (I think on Monday night), Dunns falls, the cat cruise and try the island at least once, you may really enjoy it. The people there are a lot of fun. You can find a nice quiet spot if you wish, or stay by the pool and meet some great people.... and don't forget to make time to relax with your husband and let the time go by real slow, that might be the best thing you can do on your trip.
    Been three times and it was never suggested to us about getting a hepatitis shot nor have I heard of anyone getting one either.
    Have a great time!

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    Oh how I love CTI! We have been there twice this year. April and August. I am home sick already. Trying to get back next year.

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    Ya mon! Tell Vivian and Jamal in watersports Coach, with the scorpian tat says hello. Byron too! Enjoy your trip!!

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    66 days also --- we're getting impatient! We've never gotten shots, even to go to Europe. but I would listen to your MD. We enjoyed all of CTI the first time and we're back for seconds!!! The Cat Cruise was really a ball!! We're hoping to go on it a couple of times this time!!!
    Ed & Margo

    CTI Dec 2009
    CTI Dec 2013
    Roll Tide!!!

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    15 times to Ja for us, never have gotten the shots

    Just returned, posted a review

    one suggestion, you probably only need 1/2 the amount of clothes that you are planning on taking, we used to drag (2) rollers, 2 carry on bags, now 1 suitcase and 1 carry on.

    Enjoy the resort, do not feel like you have to go on a tour every day, be friendly with the staff they will give it back to you 110%

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    The hep shot is preventive care and should be covered if coded correctly (I would challenge the denial). Preventive care is required to be covered under current law-if you are from the US. Hep A is also a good idea. Hep A is spread through contaminated water and B through bodily fluids. B is much more serious (i.e. it can be fatal and never goes away) but A much more common. Both shots require a series-one needs 3 shots and one needs 2. My doctor recommended and I got these shots. Also typhoid and DTaP. We are adventurous and like to go exploring waterfalls, caves etc, and go off resort a lot. Hep A and typhoid are common in tropical areas. Hep B is common and preventable (though immunization). DTaP includes your tetanus and pertussis (i.e. whooping cough which is a world wide epidemic). All that said, I would get the shots if you can (the hep vaccines are good for life) and don't freak out if you can't since many go without.

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    Thank you everyone for all the comments, we are so so excited and just can not wait. I already did the pre registery and then our flights changed and had to go with another air line ughhhh but we are good now and hope for no more changes . We will be doing the Dunns River and also Dolphin Cove.

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    You might want to consider going to the Island the first day or so. It is Au Naturel, not clothing optional. People won't stare. You may feel a little uneasy getting out of your comfort zone, but it gets easier with time. The reason I suggest doing this right away is that you may regret not doing it if you happen to like it. If you get there and feel it is not right for you, all you need to do is go back to the dock and wave. The boat will be back to get you within minutes.

    We are returning to CTI in February 2014. You go to a Couples resort once and you WILL be there again.

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