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    Default Timelines for Events at CTI

    This is my first time travelling to any place like this. I am super excited. We are honeymooning to CTI the first week of December. I like to have timelines/iteneraries so I know what I can do to fill my days up to get the full enjoyment of any trip. I don't always stick to them, but it is nice to have it written down just the same.

    I want to do EVERYthing that is offered there in the 6 full days we have. I'm probably over-doing it and it won't all get accomplished. What would you recommend we definitely do vs what we can skip this go round and not be disappointed?

    Scuba Diving - I'm certified, he will take the morning training class
    Water Ski and Wind surf
    Parasail and jetski
    Duns River Falls
    Cat Cruise
    Glass bottom Boat Tour
    shopping at Margaretville
    Dolphin Swim
    Bobsled, Zipline and Skyride
    Romantic honeymoon couples massage

    about how long does each event last, from time leaving hotel to arriving back?

    -julie and brad

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    Great question Julie... following


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    I recommend the cat cruise and Dunns River Falls trips for sure. Shopping is my favorite excursion. My advise would be see how you feel when you get there. You may find yourself wanting to lay around. We usually o lan on the cat cruise and shopping, then decide when we are there if we feel like doing anything else. Usually we end up laying in the sun and drinking dirty bananas and miami vices

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    Skip para sail and jet ski as you have to go to town to do this and you don't para sail or jet ski around the resort. Skip shopping as you can do this at the airport while you wait for your flight or at the resort. Zip line, Bobsled and Skyride, maybe choose one. First, they are pricey, 2nd they take you off the resort for a few hours. Dunn's River climb, you are back my lunch. Cat Cruise, leaves from the resort around 3:30 and back before dinner. I don't know about glass bottom boat ride. After planning and preparing for your wedding, I would just relax and enjoy and think, "we'll do 'that' when we come back."

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    anyone else have any advice for us? I just booked the honeymoon yesterday for CTI and I am back to planning more

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    Julie, I'm confident that you will be happy with just a few excursions during your stay. Dunns is the big touristy attraction that is fun to try. We went horseback riding one day too but we've been to TI 6 times now and rarely feel the need to leave the resort.

    2 things to remember...go to the island your first day. If you don't like it, you leave and don't look back. Most love it and regret not trying it sooner,

    You can take a free shuttle to San Souci for a day visit. It is only about 10 mInutes from TI. You get to use their facilities, eat at the restaurants and just see the beautiful property. Sunset beach is nice too.

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    Great advice!

    The only thing I would add is if you know it's going to rain, use that day to go to Dunn's river falls - you're going to get soaked anyway so this is a great way to turn an otherwise bad day around.

    We'll be at cti in 2 days!

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    If you haven't found these yet, the links below may be helpful. They give the schedules of the daily activities. There is also a bulletin board with the daily activities at the entrance to the Patio restaurant. I check this bulletin board every morning when I have breakfast. Been to CTI once with a return trip booked February 2014.

    You go to a Couples Resort once and you will be back.
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