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    Default Video from this July

    Here is a video of our trip to CN in July of 2013. We had an absolutely wonderful trip and are planning our next trip back sometime in 2015.

    It includes photos of the boards at both the watersports shed and the scuba shed as that info was something I searched for before the trip.

    Features Donnavon Dalrymple singing on the beach.

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    Loved this!! Thanks for the great video! We leave October 8th for our 2nd trip to CN!! Can't wait!!

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    Thanks for sharing, 29 days and a bag drag till we are there.

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    Nice video!

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    Loved you video! I miss CN so much. We are hoping for a trip back next May. Boy, do I ever want a Red Stripe right now!

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    Wow it looks like Donnavon has gotten himself a new guitar

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    Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to return home so badly & I love the music.

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    Thanks for bringing me back home! I enjoyed this while drinking some coffee I got in Jamaica this year
    CN 6/12
    CN 7/13
    Next Trip ???

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    Glad you guys like the video. Yes Donnavon did get a new guitar, he said some friends of his from RIU gave it to him. He hadn't yet started to decorate it but I have seen videos since we were there and it looks like its coming along.

    Also if any of you liked this you might like my Scuba video from the same trip. Make sure you watch them in HD if you can, it doesn't begin to do the place justice but it helps.

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